Undervalued comics #28 – Top 5 undervalued female comic characters to invest for 2019 and 2020

Female characters are hot and I foresee they will continue to be so, in light of more and more females getting into comics. Unfortunately, there are thousands of female characters in the comic realm for us to invest in. To keep things manageable, I am focusing on a shorter time frame of 2019-2020 and evaluating which female character might get hot due to events happening within this period. There is a lot of materials to cover so lets get to it.

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Eternals 3 – Sersi

Eternals 3

There has been some pushback by the comic collecting community on the Eternals. They feel this is a weak IP compared to the likes of X-Men and thus will be drown out eventually. I disagree with that entirely. Eternals has something that X-Men does not have: fractions of power within its own universe that ca set up a different movie genre that Marvel Studio needs to reinvent itself. As such, I am pretty confident about this IP and have no problem recommending related books.

Within Eternals, Sersi is arguably the most well known and well liked. In the rumor mill, the casting calls have already mentioned Sersi as well. With such solid news, the current pricing on Eternals #3 is mind boggling.

To better see how depressed this price level is, let’s compare Eternals #3 to Strange Tales #180. This comparison is very approripate given:

  • Both are female characters
  • Both are not the only character in the team
  • Both will be or is in the MCU
  • Both are post 1975 bronze age books
  • Both books have lousy covers for a first appearance

With so much similarity, lets look at the table below to do some price comparison between the 2 books. In addition I am pulling Ms Marvel #1 as the upper ceiling on what is possible. Sersi of course will not reach the same price level given that she is not spearheading her own solo. However, it lets us see the range of price appreciation that is possible.

Raw VF
CGG 8.0
GamoraStrange Tales #180$80-100$130
Captain MarvelMs Marvel #1$130$160
SersiEternals #3$20NA

First of all, I am using VF (very fine or 8.0 grade) because it is the most common grade you can easily buy now at this moment. Investments advice are useless if you can’t get your hands easily on the books. Secondly, there is a 5X potential returns waiting for you if you invest now. That is a pretty nice ROI if you asked me. Furthermore, if this book trends to $0, the most you will lose is $20. Hence, with a limited downside and a potential 5X upside, this book is one of the most undervalued in this list.

Inhumans Vol 2 #5 – Yelena Belova (2nd Black Widow)

Inhuman vol 2 5-3

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I picked up this book during 2013-14 when I was investing in Inhumans books. I never invest in it specifically but it came as part of the Inhuman set. I have since sold many of my Inhuman keys at their peak except for this book. The reason is because of Yelena Belova.

We all know a Black Widow movie is coming. However, most of the Black Widow keys are already fairly priced. Even potential supporting characters such as Winter Soldier have been speculated before. The only remaining surprises are the villains and Yelena Belova has a pretty high chance of being the main villain for the movie.

Right now, it is still a pretty cheap book. You probably can buy one under $10 or even pick one up in your LCS’s dollar bin. Comichron has it at 50.8k of North American sales so it is not a heavily printed book like the 90s or late 80s book. In terms of potential, it is a pretty tough call. Yelena Belova can faint away like many villains or she can be the next KillMonger. Prediction is around $20 -$50, depending on her movie treatment.

 Wonder Woman Vol 2 #7 and #9 – Cheetah

wonder woman vol 2 9-1

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I have talked about the Cheetah character quite a while back. You can check out the article here. Initially, I was speculating that she will appear in the first Wonder Woman movie. Obviously that didn’t happen but she will turn up in the sequel. With the movie coming in 2020, expect lots of news and trailers to feature this character. The book is still very affordable but might see a sharp increase post trailer. I recommend you to jump on this undervalued book asap before the train leaves the station.

Huntress Vol 1 #1 – Helena Bertinelli

Huntress vol 1 1

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For a character who has a confirmed movie coming in 2020 and has a pretty good actress in Mary Elizabeth Winstead, her first appearance is so undervalued. It might be because most folks are focusing on DC Superstars #17, which is the first appearance of the Earth 2’s Huntress and not the one whom the movie is using. Whatever the reason, this is a cheap cheap book to get.

In terms of growth, Cassandra Cain’s first appearance in Batman #535 is already a $50 book in near mint. I would expect this book to reach the same level once folks are more aware of Helena’s real first appearance.

Young Avengers #2 – Cassandra Lang

Young Avengers vol 1 2

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Among the list, this is the most risky because I am betting on this character showing up in Avengers: End Game. The chances of this happening is pretty low so if you want to invest in her, be prepared that it will not happen. It is also risky because this is a competing book in Young Avengers #6.

Why issue #2? It is in this issue that we first meet the adult Cassandra Lang. Her previous appearance is always been that of a child so this is her first appearance as an adult. In additional, this is where she first manifest her powers and became a giant Cassandra. See the page below which is the last panel for Young Avengers #2.

young avengers 2

To me, this is a pretty key issue for Cassandra Cain but the market is giving more weight to her taking up the name of Stature. Whether this will change is the risk that an investor must take if he or she wants to speculate on this book.


In this market, back issues need stimulus to really move. All five of the books recommended here are connected to the various films that are more or less confirmed. Going by past trends, most of them should see a healthy return over time. Let’s come back to this in a year’s time to see how my forecast did.

2 thoughts on “Undervalued comics #28 – Top 5 undervalued female comic characters to invest for 2019 and 2020

  1. I love your detailed analysis – very informative! Related to Eternals: how much remaining potential growth do you see for a book like Eternals #1, specifically in the highest grades? It seems to me that we haven’t reached the peak in the speculative cycle for that one, seeing as how we have yet to hear casting news, trailers etc. What do you think?

    1. Hi Tim
      Thanks for the comment. For a 9.8 Eternals #1, Ms Marvel #1 might be a good book to benchmark. It is currently a 2k+ book. If we were to be conservative, it might be a 1.5k after trailer hits.

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