Undervalued comics #29 – Young avengers key issues: the future value of #1

There was some Young Avengers rumors being circulated today so it is a good time to revisit Young Avengers #1. Long time readers of this blog know I recommend this book 3 years ago in this article: affordable comics to invest in – young avengers 1 wizard con.

Young Avengers #1, Wizard Con Variant

Date of Publication: 2005
Sale number: a few thousands

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Young Avengers

2. Limited supply


In that article, I showed how this book is undervalued when compared to the likes of Runaways #1 and Vengeance #1. Fast forward to today and prices have indeed went up, due to Kate Bishop and Young Avengers movie rumors. The key question then, is what is the price ceiling and whether we can invest at today’s prices. Let’s look at the table below for some comparative analysis.

IssueNYX #3
Vengeance #1
Young Avengers #1
CharactersX-23Ms AmericaKate Bishop
Print Run40,00026,00088,000
NM PricesUSD 300-400USD 4USD 4
VariantNA1,700*Few thousands*
NM PricesNAUSD 150USD 70-90


Editor’s note: I have replaced Runaways #1 with NYX #3 since the former has become a TV property and not comparable to a film property. I have also change the print run number of the Young Avenger’s variant as my initial estimate of 500 copies is too low. FYI, the census currently already stands at 400 copies so actual supply should be much higher.


Here are some key observaations

  • Wide price gap: even after adjusting for supply numbers, I find the price gap between NYX #3 and Young Avengers #1 to be too wide. No matter how much more popular X-23 is, it cannot justify this pricing gap. In terms of readership, both IPs are actually not far off from each other. (All new Wolverine has around 30k sales while Young Avengers Vol 2 has similar numbers). The only reason why NYX #3 is so far ahead is because it has went through the movie hype. I believe when the same thing happens to Young Avengers, issue one should reach at least half or slightly less at around USD80-100. Going by today’s prices, this is a 3X potential.
  • Variant: Similar ROI potential applies to the Young Avengers’s #1 variant, except that the absolute dollars will be much higher. Currently, it is trailing behind the prices of NYX #3 and the variant of Vengeance #1, which is pretty crazy if you asked me. I believe the pricing for the Young Avengers’ variant should be more in line with other first appearance variants such as Captain Marvel #17, 2nd print or Ultimate Fallout #4 variant. Both books are now worth $500 in raw NM condition. Young Avengers variant should be able to reach $350-400 or more if the movie happens. This means a 3-4X potential from current prices.

Quantitative factors

Beyond the numbers, the book itself just features so many potential characters that could break out. Kate Bishop is the obvious one but other characters also have support from different communities. Wiccan and Hulkling are looked upon favorably by the LBSMT crowd. Iron Lad, through his connection with Kang, might be another crowd favorite if done right. Compared to the other books mentioned here, Young Avengers #1 has more than one first appearances and hence should be a more desirable book in the long run.

Another important consideration is their placement in the MCU. If this team is to be placed as part of the New Avengers team, the hype around it will be so much more than other comic properties. The Avengers is one of Marvel Studio’s cornerstone franchise and being in it will place much spotlight on these young characters. Comic series, news, PR etc will be focused on making these characters into Tier One properties. This factor alone cannot be discounted.


After 3 years since I last post about it, Young Avengers #1 remain a viable investment in my opinion. With a high ceiling and low investment cost, it is the kind of books I can buy all day along. If you share similar thoughts, go to Ebay now to see if there are cheap deals to be had.

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