Undervalued pre 1965 silver age comic books

In the comic collecting world, 1965 seems to be the cut off year where comic books became more widely known and collected. This translates to a lower price appreciation in the secondary market when movie announcements hit as the increased supply will depress any sudden hikes in demand. We can see this supply effect by comparing the prices of silver age comic books published before and after 1965, which contain first appearances of characters who have been confirmed for movies.  For standardization, I will compare only CGC 5.5-6.5 graded books.

 Pre 1965 Grade
Price Post 1965
Grade Price

X men #4

6.5 ~$1,000 Avengers #57 6.0 ~$200

Strange Tales #110

5.5 ~$1,600 Cap America #117 6.0 ~$100

Tales to Astonish #27

5.5 ~$3,000 Avengers #55 6.0 ~160

Spider Man Annual #1

6.5 ~$600

Spider Man #9

6.5 ~$750


From the above, you can see the price difference between pre and post 1965 is quite significant. Even taking out the >$1k books, the difference is still drastic, especially if we compare apples to apples such as Spider man #9 (first appearance of electro) to Avengers #55 (first appearance of Ultron).

As such, I am increasing interested in looking for silver age undervalued comics books that are published before 1965. There is not a lot of them left that hasn’t exploded in prices but a few gems still remain. Below is what I have found. I only select those which a 6.0 graded copy will cost you less than $300. If you look at the prices above, there is still a lot of room to grow between $300 and what some of these books are commanding.


Avengers 6: First appearance of Masters of Evil

avengers 6

With the Ultron storyline, there is a possibility that the Masters of Evil team might be formed under the leadership of Ultron. Although the first team that appeared in Avengers #6 is slightly different from the team that was lead by Ultron, collectors still tend to go for the first time the concept was created.


Avengers 8: First appearance of Kang

Avengers 8

It is rumored that Kang might be one of the potential villains holding the time gem in the Marvel movie universe. If that is true, then this is the issue that Kang first appeared.


Avengers 9: First appearance of Wonder Man

Avengers 9

My favorite pick among the Avengers books. With Vision, Ultron and Scarlet Witch already confirmed in Avengers #2, there is a high chance that Wonder Man will be featured. His storyline is so tightly woven with the above characters that it will be difficult not to include him in future movies.


Brave and the Bold 54: First appearance of Teen Titans

Brave and the Bold 54

After the Justice League, I would say Teen Titans would be the most important team in the DC universe. There is currently no rumors of them in movies but I feel they are too important not to be featured sooner or later. Teen Titans is the equivalent of the X-men in DC. If you know what the pre 1965 X men comics are worth, you will know Brave and the Bold #54 is vastly undervalued.


Brave and the Bold 60: First appearance of Donna Troy

Brave and the Bold 60

There is some argument on whether Brave and the Bold #60 is a contender for the first appearance of Teen Titans as this is the first time the name appeared (compare the cover of #54 and #60). Currently, #54 is still regarded as the first appearance but who knows what might happen down the road. Teen Titans aside, #60 is the first appearance of Donna Troy. By herself, she is not that interesting but with a potential Wonder Woman movie coming, she might be featured which will then drum up interest in the character.


Hawkman 4: First appearance of Zatanna

Hawkman 4

Zatanna is arguably one of the hottest female DC characters after Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.  In the magic realm, she is definitely more popular than Doc Strange but her first appearance is vastly undervalued when compared to Strange Tales #110. With rumors of her appearing in the Justice League Dark movie, this issue can potentially be the next ST #110. This is my favorite pick of the bunch here.

Showcase #37: First appearance of Metal Men

Showcase 37

These guys are as obsure as Guardians of the Galaxy. However, look at what a movie has done for GOTG’s popularity and you will be quick not to dismiss this team. The DC entertainment chief once mentioned them as possible movie candidate, along with Sandman, Aquaman, Fables and Justice League. So, if that turns out to be true, this book can easily jumped in value.

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