Online monthly earnings for Feb 2014

Time to update my online income report once again. Nothing major is happening which is actually a great thing. Online income tend to be relatively stable as long as you don’t do something stupid to penalise the site. I will also be discussing how to grow a site that is making money into a bigger earner after the income screenshots.

Here we go:

Amazon earnings

amazon income report for feb 2014 1

amazon income report for feb 2014 2

One reason for the income difference between the 2 screenshots is the type of sites I have under each programme. For skimlinks, they comprise my first batch of amazon affiliate sites so the quality isn’t as high because I was just experimenting with them. The next batch of sites I build were of higher quality and I use the Amazon affiliate links directly on thise.  You can see that in the long run, higher quality sites are always better as they are stable and produce higher earnings over time. earnings

media net income report for feb 2014

I mentioned in my previous income report update that Dec ad earnings is the lowest as companies cut their ad budget after the Christmas period. As such, the ad income will increase once I cross into the new year. As predicted, Feb earning are much higher than Dec even though it has 3 days less.


ThemeForest earnings

themeforest income report for feb 2014

Finally, we have the affiliate earnings from Themeforest. Feb did worse than Jan as you can see from the screenshot above. Such swings is quite common for this particular income stream. As long as it is not zero, I am happy 🙂

Total disclosed income

In total, these 3 sources of earnings have given me USD168 + USD23 + USD558 + USD110 = USD859. That is actually higher than I was expecting and is a good side income to have.


How to grow a money making site

In this second half of the article, I will be talking about how to grow a money making site. One of the problems I have is distraction. I tend to start a small site, have it making money and then leaving it to explore other niches. The problem is that the potential of the earlier site wasn’t fully realized, resulting in a low income stream that could be so much more.

I decided to correct this problem by looking at sites that are making me regular small amounts of money and selecting one of them to grow. This can be easily done by adding articles that expand the site’s scoop, which in turn can attract more visitors. Below are some ways that a site’s can be easily expanded.

Related topics: Write more articles that expand on the topics the site is covering. For example, if the site is about soya milk, you can create another section that talks about coconut milk. Since the two are related, your site tend to perform equally well in search, thus drawing you more search traffic.

Related products: You can also cover more product reviews in the site by adding accessories or other complementary product line. Let’s say you have written reviews most on juicers. You can add in other product reviews such as replacement parts, juice recipes books,  gourmet ingredients for making juices etc that complements your original review articles.

Indepth exploration: Another method to expand a site is to go really deep in topics that your site is performing well in.  For example, I have an article about undervalued silver age comics that is getting a lot of search traffic because it is ranking on the first page of Google. I can do in depth with this topic by writing more specifically such as undervalued silver age DC comics, undervalued silver age Marvel comics etc. Going indepth can not only provide more value for visitors that came for the original article but they can draw in new visitors on their own as well.

To conclude, increasing the earnings of website that is already making money is not difficult. You just need to expand its scope to cover more stuff such that overall visitors increase and your income grows.

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