Cheap comics to invest in: Hulk 228 Moonstone first appearance as Ms Marvel nemesis

It has been a while since I last did a cheap comic to invest in series. Here is the latest. The key theme for this article is Ms Marvel. Specifically, I am going to speculate on who can potentially become her movie screen nemesis. After some research, the task is more difficult than I thought. Most of her enemies are an uninteresting bunch of characters that have limited upside even if they are cast in the movie. Currently, there is no news so what I have put here is based on my logic and knowledge of the comic universe. Feel free to disagree or to suggest more characters in the comments 🙂


Hulk #228: First appearance of Moonstone

hulk 228 first appearance of moonstone

Moonstone is one of Ms Marvel long time nemesis. She even took over the Mantle of Ms Marvel during one of Ms Marvel’s storyline and in the Dark Avengers series.  Power for power, Moonstone is a worthy adversary for Ms Marvel and could be one of the strongest candidate for the Ms Marvel movie.


captain america 192

If you agree with this, you might also want to get this: Captain America #192. This is the first appearance of Moonstone in her human identity: Karla Sofen. From the history of comic speculation, this will be speculated on even though Hulk #228 is Moonstone’s first appearance. This situation is similar to Captain Marvel #13 as first app for Carol Danvers and Ms Marvel #1 as first app of Ms Marvel.


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The downside of this pick however is that it is not closely tied to the cosmic MCU universe. Given that the Ms Marvel movie is before the Avengers 3, I expect her storyline and villains to be more closely in line with the cosmic side of Marvel. In this case, either the movie will just reuse existing villains like Thanos or Nebula or it might a lame ass Kree character like Yon-Rogg or Kree Sentry 459. Either one of these don’t make for interesting characters and are not worthy of a spec.

Overall, I still feel good about Moonstone. She is part of so many groups that she is bound to appear in MCU even if she might not be Ms Marvel’s nemesis for the movie. Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers, Masters of Evil are all solid teams that can show up on our screen.

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