Comic books worth investing in #3: The Hood #1

I have previously covered what issues to pick up for the Marvel-Netflix deal. Since then, I had been doing more research and realise I have missed this character who can potentially be the main villain for the show. This character is the Hood and his history fits well into the street level setting which Marvel is using for their Netflix characters.

The Hood had a history of being a big boss kind of character ever since he came back in 2007. He wanted to become the Godfather of the super villains after the Civil War event, but was eventually defeated by the likes of, you guess it, Luke Cage, Daredevil etc, who are all going to be appear in their TV shows.  He then went on to become part of the Cabal during the Dark Avengers days, which includes other top villains such as Doom and Green Goblin. This shows that the Hood was intend to be a big time villain and letting him become the ultimate boss in the TV show is not a far fetch speculation.

His first appearance is in the 2002 Max limited 6 part series, The Hood #1. It is very cheap right now to pick up copies of it so try to get one if you think my theory is spot on. Here is how the cover looks like:

the hood first appearance

I am trying to hunt down a few copies myself but so far, I have not seen any seller who are selling multiple copies of this to save on shipping cost. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

Until the next time, have fun in your comic investing!

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