Comic flipping corner #1: Harley Quinn #16 Wondercon variant

I am starting a new series on quick comic flipping. There is no way in hell that I can find an undervalued gem as good as the Black Canary key issues that I have highlighted on a weekly basis. At the same time, if I want to post more, the only way is to capitalize on news and that will eventually means a flip. Before I start, I want to say I am not in any way saying these are long terms books. It is just buy and dump. If some of them turns out to be long term winners then good for me. My intention is clear. I am going to highlight flipping opportunity as and when the news is out.


Gang of Harleys first appearance

I feel stupid even typing this out. Yup, there is going to be a new 6 issue series that starrs the Gang of Harleys. In the past, I am going to say this is stupid but with secondary prices of characters like Squirrel Girl, Gwen Pool and what not, anything crazy seems to go and this is as crazy as it can get.

The first appearance of these guys is in Harley Quinn #16, which is a 70k print run book. Fortunately, there are 2 variants that you can take buy if you think this book can be flipped. One is the WonderCon exclusive that basically combines the regular 3 covers into one image. Cons variants are usually between 1 to 3k so this is where I will peg this book’s print run.

harley quinn 16 wonder con variant

The other variant is the 1:25 book that shows the left hand side of the connecting covers. Doing the ratio, this is probably a 3k book so it is not so plentiful as well.

Harley Quinn 16 left hand variant

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Pros of this book

  • Harley sells. The thing you can count on is that this new series will sell because it is Harley
  • Variants are rather limited. If a rush is on, supply can’t copy with the Harley maddness
  • Pump and dump group might hype this book so take advantage of their pumping by buying it first!


Cons of this book

  • Gang of Harleys Who???
  • Primary market sales do not translates to secondary market demand for the Harley Quinn #16
  • Mini series



As I said, this is for quick flips. If you think you can make a few bucks buying and selling this, then my writing will not be in vain LOL.

One thought on “Comic flipping corner #1: Harley Quinn #16 Wondercon variant

  1. You may have already found this but I noticed you were enquiring about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s first hook up.
    I found out they were together again in the animated universe in BATMAN ADVENTURES HOLIDAY SPECIAL in January 1995 then in the regular DC universe for the first time in BATMAN HARLEY QUINN 1 in August 1999. Going further, JOKER MASK 3 in July 2000 & BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES 29 (Oct 2000) both predate HARLEY QUINN 1. Hope that helps. #fanboyFRANTICS

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