Echo MCU and Comic Book Speculation

Echo has been rumored to join MCU after a new casting call was issued. It wasn’t clear which show or film Echo is joining and what kind of speculation we can draw from this.

Below are a few directions Echo can be used. Each scenario has different implications on the kind of comics you can speculate on.

1. Hawkeye

The most obvious show for Echo to join will be the Hawkeye’s Disney+ show.

Echo was the first Ronin, who later passed on the mantle to Clint, who we saw appear as Ronin in End Games. This could be a story that took place during the 5 years and explained how Clint became Ronin, with Echo being the first bearer.

If that is the case, New Avengers #11 might saw some heat again. This was the issue whereby Echo first appeared as Ronin.

This book was warm for a while when the first trailer of End Game was shown. However, prices have fallen and you can now pick this up for $10 or so.

Look for newsstand versions if possible.

2. Shang Chi

Another possible direction is that Echo can be one of the fighters in the Shang Chi movie.

It is currently rumored that some form of kung fu tournament will take place in Shang Chi. This will involved fighters from around the globe. Echo might be one of them.

If that is the case, then we can start looking at Kung Fu fighter who are non Chinese for the movie. The most obvious from the same Daredevil series will be White Tiger.

Currently, there are 3 characters who uses this identify. From the tone of the movie, the White Tiger to be used is likely to be Angela Del Toro or Hector Ayala. Ava doesn’t seem to fit this theme as well as the other two.

Hector Ayala first appeared in the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19 while Angela appeared in Daredevil Vol 2, #58. However, Angela put on the costume in White Tiger #1.

Among the 3 books, the Deadly Hands #19 is the most pricey and is pretty risky speculation. I would bet, instead on the other 2 books, which are much cheaper.

3. Moon Knight

The third possibility is for Moon Knight Disney+ show.

In Moon Knight volume 6, Echo meet up with Moon Knight during one of his investigation. Subsequently, the story hinted that both were interested in each other although nothing concrete came out oft the relationship.

If this is case, the only book that might be of interest is Moon Knight Vol 6, #2. This is the issue when Echo and Moon Knight meet for the first time.

This issue is not on anybody’s radar so prices are very cheap. However, do not expect this kind of book to heat up too much, if at all.

There is a 2nd print of this book, which is more pricey than the first due to the scarcity and the different cover art.


While the 3 scenarios are presented as separate, it is also possible that Echo will appear in more than one show. She could be introduced in Hawkeye first before continuing her adventures in Moon Knight.

If that is the case, then it bodes well for her first appearance book in Daredevil Vol 2, #9. The longer a character can stay on screen, the most likely his/her first appearance will become a permanent key.

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