How long do I need to sell a domain Data from Mike Mann

I am a novice domain investor. However, there is something about domains that draw me to them. If you want to know my views, I have written about domains’ inherent value and my personal domain investment strategy. If you want to know what I have bought in August, check out my post on how many domains you need to make money.

I started investing in June 2012. I have made 1 sale so far for USD300 off a USD10 domain. Nothing to shout about but it gives me confident to continue. So far, I am not getting inquiries at all except for the one I sold so that is a bit worrying. To know how long I need to sell a domain, I am using the records of Mike Mann, who has won the domainer of the year for 2012 and who also posts his sales regularly on Facebook.

Here are MIke Mann’s recent sales In October 2012 and how long he has to wait for the sale:

  • for $5000. Acquired: 1/1/09 for $80 (3 years and 10 months)
  • (confidentialname).com for $20,000 Acquired: 8/21/09 $99 (3 years 2 months)
  • for $15,000 Acquired 9/3/2012 for $200 (1 month)
  • for $4550. Acquired: 2011-09-24 $7.50 (1 year)
  • $4,000; Purchased 6/20/11 for $8 (1 year and 4 months)
  • for $2000, purchased by us 2010-07-25 $80 (2 years and 3 months)

Looking through these October sales, I can see that most sales require at least 1 year of waiting time. The names are decent but not something I will invest in. That shows I might still have problems knowing what is a good domain name.  Nevertheless, Mike Mann has 300k domains so it is hard to compete with that kind of inventory.

The thing that I am asking myself is whether I should be more active to selling my names. Currently, I am taken a wait and see approach but this strategy requires you to have excellent domains and/or a large inventory. I don’t have both at the moment so maybe I should be more active in seeking out buyers.

What do readers think?

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