My recent domain purchases for October 2012

I don’t buy a lot of domains because I have not clear direction on what sells in the market. This is why I limit my risk exposure by only buying names that I think has good potential for somebody to build a business on. Fortunately, I am in the startup world so I see lots of new business ideas everywhere and that puts me in a good position to know what kind of names might be suitable for these businesses. It is a commonly used term and communicates clearly what the company is doing. If there is some medical company trying to sell a solution for nasal congestion, this is pretty good name to use.

The image shows how a company is using this term to describe their product for pets. The trend of buying from local producers is heating up, especially in the US. Buying locally not only reduces pollution resulting from food transportation but also retains the nutrient value since everything is fresh. I think a company that wants to start a business selling fresh food can use this name as its brand. Of course, if I was to own, it will even be better but lacking the resource to do so, this is the name that I bought. Ever heard of the phase, sweet bundle of job?  It usually describes babies. Hence, I think can be used a name of baby related businesses. It can also be used for those daily deals companies that seem to be springing up from everywhere.

So, what do you think of my names. Pigeon shit or virtual assets?

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