Inhumans key comics to invest in

Comics related to Inhumans have generally increased their prices over the past year. I first recommended them in my undervalued silver age keys nine months ago. In that article, I mentioned that a VG and a Fine copy for Fantastic Four #45 can be had for less than USD50 and USD70-100 respectively. Now, prices are closer to USD70-80 for a VG copy and USD120-140 for a Fine copy. I expected these prices to further increase as more confirmation surfaced about the Inhumans movie.

Updated 4th Sept 2014: There is further news since this article and prices have increased further. FF #45 is now USD120+ for a VG and USD250+ for a Fine. I expect them to increase further. Better get on Ebay now before they increase as we move closer to the movie launch.

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¬†However, I want to set your expectation right before moving on. Right now, it looks like Phase 3 of Marvel movies might not include the Inhumans, meaning it is likely they will appear in Phase 4. That is about 4 years away from now. Be prepared to hold for that amount of time if you want to maximize your comic investment. Having said that, I am sure easter eggs or clues will appear in one of the Phase 3 movies, which can bring about a faster price appreciation in the Inhumans’ comics.

Besides their first appearances, what other key issues should you look at if you believe in the movie rumor.  I have mentioned 3 others before: two are in my article on Bronze age key issues which mentioned the Inhumans #1 and Amazing Adventures #1, while the other is Fantastic Four #47 . I bought 3 copies of Inhumans #1 at ~9.0 condition copy for about USD10 each last year. Currently, you can probably get more than USD20 for one of such condition.

Here are some of the rest key issues that might be worth picking up.


Inhumans Vol 2 #2

Inhumans key issue 2

This issue marks the beginning of the next generation of Inhumans. I don’t know if they will ever make an appearance in the movie but if you want to speculate, this is a cheap copy to do so. In this issue alone, there are 7 new Inhumans who make a first appearance so I would say this is value for money issue.


Inhumans Vol 3 #1

Inhumans key issue 3

This is another issue where 4 members of the next generation Inhumans make their first appearance. Again, it is 4 for the price of one. Prices are also cheap so you don’t get burn if things don’t turn out the way we expect.


Marvel Graphic Novel: The Inhumans

Marvel Graphic Novel The Inhumans

Ahura makes his first appearance in this graphic novel. He is the son of Black Bolt and Medusa and is also one of the more powerful Inhumans ever created. He is now at the Future Foundation and looks to be making regular appearances in the Marvel Universe.

As more news revealed themselves, I am sure there will be other key issues including storyline issues, villains first appearance etc. However, I am don’t feel comfortable recommending them now so I will leave you with the above.

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