Marvel new characters from “Divided we stand” – speculation worthy?

With the reveal of Marvel’s new tagline of “Divided we stand”, we finally have a glimpse into what characters the Publishing side of Marvel will be focusing on. That is always good information because I believed that comics have a lasting impact on value rather than pure movie/tv news. In case you missed the big reveal, here is the PR poster.

marvel divided we stand

Let’s look at each of the characters and see what I think are worthy putting my dollars into. I am only be touching on new characters rather than the likes of Thor and Captain America.


Left hand side

  • Foolkiller (Omega the Unknown #8 and #9): So far, I am not seeing any excitement over this character as it is just another vigilante that pales in comparison to the likes of Punisher. Book is cheap though. Wait and see.(Ebay listings)
  • Solo (Web of Spider #19): Same feeling for Solo as for Foolkiller. Nothing is screaming unique or different. Wait and see. (Ebay listings)
  • Slapstick (Slapstick #1): This character I liked. Maybe it is the Deadpool effect but cool heroes do not have to be tough guys anymore. Humor has its place and Slapstick seems to fit that role perfectly. Looking at Ebay, I can’t believe Slapstick #1 is already a #10 book. A few months, you can probably buy it for much less than that. If you want to speculate on this, try digging around as cheap copies should out there. One worth digging for. (Ebay listings)
  • Fin Fang Foom (Strange Tales #89): Good luck trying to get this book for cheap. This book always have a fan base so its prices are already up there. Whether there is room for growth is hard to say but I am leaning on the negative side. Or I could be totally wrong and this turns out to be the next Groot. Passed. (Ebay listings)


Right hand side

  • Riri (Invincible Iron Man #7 and #9): A true sign of speculation at its peak. With no history whatsoever, folks are already ready, with cash in hand, to scope this book up in multiple copies. Already sold out at big stores like Midtown, it is inevitable that we will see an uptick in Ebay prices. The challenge is whether it can hold the price. My expectation is no. Unlike Gwen Pool, there is no excitement for her in the general comic community except speculation driven sites such as the CGC forums. Passed (Ebay listings).
  • Mosaic (Uncanny Inhumans #11): Ever since the relaunch of the Inhumans, we have seen more than a handful of new characters being introduced. Had any of them been successfully? I don’t think so. What makes Mosaic different? No clue as the book has just been released. Despite this, folks are already paying close to $100 for the variant. I wouldn’t touch this book until it has proven itself.  Passed (Ebay listings)
  • Nadia Pym (Free Comic Book Day Vol 2016 Avengers): These kind of character never do well especially when they are so close in terms of power and appearance. Heck, even Marvel Premiere #47 didn’t do so hot in the secondary market with a big budget movie. Passed (Ebay listings)
  • Miss America (Vengeance #1): Due to her exposure in Young Avengers and the fantastic Ultimates book, Miss America seems to be gaining some sort of momentum. She is not there yet in term of fan base but there is a chance that this new focus might push her over. The Vengeance #1 has a variant that seems to be hard to find so that will help if she gets more attention. Downside is that the cover is ugly as hell. Still, a buy recommendation (Ebay listings)
  • Gwenpool (Howard the Duck Ron Lim Variant): My favorite of the bunch and not because I owned a bunch of the Ron Lim Howard the Duck variant. Many expected her to faint away but her books still manage to climb. At current prices, I am sitting on the fence in terms of whether to recommend a buy. Wait and see (Ebay listings)
  • Squirrel Girl (Marvel Super Heroes Winter Special): When the book first started tracking up, it caught many people off guard, including me. The growth seems to be plateud recently and it remains to be seen if Marvel can do something special to spark some interest again. Wait and see (Ebay listings)
  • Prowler (Amazing Spider Man #78): I see him on the same level as Foolkiller and Solo, meaning I don’t see much potential as of now. However, Marvel might have something up its sleeves for these D class character so it is better to wait and see before committing any purchase. Wait and see (Ebay listings)
  • Moon Girl (Moon Girl #1): Moon Girl is an interesting one. It is currently off everyone’s radar which actually got me interested to take a closer look. In fact, the best thing to look at data is when all the hype is over and you can see how the actual comic crowd is reacting to her. Currently, her title sales is in the lower end of 12k. In this regard, it is very similar to sales of independent comics and I am surprised that Marvel is still having faith in her. #1 has a variant that is very cheap. I don’t mind actually picking up a copy as some form of long shot investments. Buy (Ebay listings)
  • Kate Bishop (Young Avengers #1): See my article on why I think she has the best shoot of breaking out as the next X-23 or KK. Already a 10 year character with a proven fan base (See her popularity here), the conditions are similar as NYX #3. Whether the break out will happen depends on she will be marketed and whether there is any media/tv news to start the fire. Buy (Ebay listings)


Love to hear your comments on these books so comment away!

6 thoughts on “Marvel new characters from “Divided we stand” – speculation worthy?

  1. Hi Aaron,
    Always enjoy your articles. What is a good entry point for Cgc 9.8 for the wizard world young avengers and the ms marvel 2nd print?

    1. My prediction is that the ceiling for YA #1 is around $400-600 if she breaks out.
      CM #17 can be the next BA 12 under the right conditions.

      Based on these, it is up to you to decide on how much risk you want to take. Cheers

  2. Really nice breakdown, thanks! I think Riri is a character to watch because she adds something different and interesting to the Iron Man universe. We’ll see! Who’s the flying blue guy on her team?

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