Online monthly earnings for December 2013

December was a great month for Amazon as usual. Earnings from affiliates probably doubled due to Christmas. Well, that means a Ho Ho Ho for my online income in Dec 🙂

In Jan, I also started a brand new site on a dairy product. I found that product interesting and decided to create a branded site around the topic. Since it is quite a new trend, competition isn’t tough and there are a lot of information needs by the searcher. In time, I will probably reveal the niche but I will keep it a secret for now to give myself on time to work on the site.


Amazon earnings

amazon income report

skimlinks income report

In total, I made about USD450 from Amazon alone.  Like I said, Christmas spending means stronger earnings for my site as they buy almost anything. income

medianet income report

On the other hand, my ad earnings dropped to USD428 as advertisers start to reduce their budget after the Christmas period. Companies are winding down their activities and that means no more budgets for ads.  Fortunately, as you can see above, the Jan earnings are already looking great so this income source should pick up this month.


Themeforest income

themeforest income report

Thereforest income dropped a little to USD170. Not a big deal and the USD130 is always a nice addition to my online income.

In total, I earn USD454 + USD428 + USD135 = >USD1k in Dec. That is not a bad month especially when considering the other unreveal sources. I guess I should pick up some nice belated Christmas present for myself when the money reaches my bank account.


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