Online monthly earnings for October 2013

It has been a long time since I did one of this online income reports. I thought it will be interesting to do one again just to update readers on my current status. The previous income report was for Jan and Feb 2013.  In case you are too lazy to click on the link, I averaged around USD200+ per month from being an Amazon Affiliate. For this update, I thought I would include a couple more income streams to show you some additional possibilities of making money online.


Amazon monthly earning for Oct 2013

amazon monthly earnings for october 2013


skimlink monthly earnings for october 2013

Let’s start with my amazon earnings.  It is a bit embarrassing as I have totally slack off on this income stream. However, due to the fact that the income is completely passive, I can still earn money even when  I have not touched these websites for more than a few months.

Total amazon income for Oct 2013 = 89 + 64 = USD153 monthly income for Oct 2013

media monthly earnings for october 2013

Another source of online income that is growing for me is They are an advertising network that is similar to Google’s adsense. I used them when my adsense account was banned and they turn out to really great. I would say that their payment rate is around 60-70% of Google i.e. if your website is earning USD100 from Google adsense, you probably can earn around USD60-70 with income for October 2013 = USD483 monthly income for Oct 2013

themeforest monthly earnings for october 2013

Themeforest is a relatively new income source I am trying. I earn affiliate fees by recommending the readers of my other blog to buy wordpress themes from themeforest.  It works similarly as Amazon affiliate but its affiliate commission rate is much higher.

Themeforest income for October 2013 = USD109


Ebay monthly income for Oct 2013

ebay monthly earnings for october 2013

Finally, I started buying and selling comics through Ebay.  The learning curve was fun but I am not expecting any big money to come from here. What is reported above is the selling price. To get to profits, I have to deduct the cost of the acquiring those comics that I sold. Unfortunately, I have not done the profit and loss for them so I am not sure what is the actual profits but I am sure they are low.


Total income for October 2013

Overall, the total income is USD750 (excluding Ebay). This is what I am comfortable in disclosing. I still have other online income sources such as buysellads, adsense and other affiliate network but I don’t want to disclose 100% of my income.  Overall, it is still growing and I hope to report a higher increase by my next income report.

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