Scarlet Witch key issues to invest

I must admit that movies do make me want to buy certain books. When the Age of Ultron was announced last year, I was not really in the comic buying and selling game so I didn’t stock up on X Men #4. Anyway, I was not really a big Scarlet Witch fan so I thought it was no big deal. However, one year on and seeing the movie trailers and how cool Scarlet Witch looks, it made me want to own a copy of X Men #4 to feel that my collection is complete. This experience probably explains why movie related comic books keep on increasing its prices.

So, I took a look at the current prices of X Men #4 and kicked myself for not buying one last year. At current prices, it has already surpassed Tales of Suspense #52. In other words, it is in uncharted territory in terms of prices so I don’t have any other female first app books to benchmark it against.  Without that, I can’t tell whether buying now is foolish or wise.

Hence, I resorted to looking at all potential Scarlet Witch books to see if there are any undervalued gems. Let’s take a look at some candidates.


X Men #5: Scarlet Witch 2nd appearance

Xmen5 scarlet witch 2nd appearance key issue

In my articles on the value of silver age 2nd appearances, I noted that a 7.0 to 8.0 grade 2nd appearances is worth similar to a mid to low grade first appearance. In this case, X Men #4 in mid to low grade is around  $400 to $500. That puts it slightly above a X Men #5 in 7.0 condition, which can be had for below $400.

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X Men #6: Scarlet Witch first red costume

Xmen6 scarlet witch first red costume key issue

You can see this issue as having the same impact as Daredevil #7. Before this, Wanda was wearing the green costume which nobody knows her for.  In that sense, it is a rather undervalued comic. For comparison, a Daredevil #7 in 7.0 to 8.0 condition goes for between $450 – to $500 while a X Men #6 in the same grade can be purchased for under $300. Coincidentally, Namor appears in both Daredevil #7 and X Men #6 🙂

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Avengers 185: Origin of Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver

avengers 185 scarlet witch origin key issue

This issue recounts the origin of the brother and sister team.  I have a feeling this is the story being used in the Avengers 2 movie as the setting matched the comic location pretty nicely.

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Uncanny Avengers 1 Adi Granov 1:75 Variant

Uncanny Avengers 1 Adi Granov 75 Variant

No Scarlet Witch fan is doing to miss this gorgeous cover. It is not a key but sometimes, art work alone can make a comic desirable. Just look at Supergirl #23 Adam Hughes Variant 🙂

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