Cheap comics to buy: teen titans key issues

With a confirmed pilot in the works, I think it is time to get serious about buying some Teen Titans comics to ride on any possible price appreciation that is coming next year. I have wrote an earlier article about which teen titans key issues to invest  but due to its expansive membership, there is actually a lot more first appearances that you can speculate on.

This was what I have been doing and I thought publishing a master list here will help readers who want to get in on the action as well. I will be focusing more on the characters being used during and after the Geoff John’s run since he is heavily involved in the Teen Titans tv show.  Since this is a cheap comics to buy article, I will not be touching on any of the major keys that is already well known and commanding a heavy price tag such as DC comics presents #26, Tales of Teen Titans #44 etc al, which you can read about it in my previous Teen Titans article.

For this article, it is all about buying first appearance issues for nothing more than a few dollars. Since they are so cheap, I recommend buying all of them up as it is so hard to predict which character is going to be used. I bought a lot of issues for mostly $1-2 bucks and it took me less than $50 to bought all these mentioned here today.


Heroes first appearance

Before starting, here is recap of the cheap Teen Titans comics mentioned in the previous article. These are the ones you should definitely get first.

  • Wonder Woman Vol 2, #105 and #111: First appearance of Cassandra Sandsmark and her as Wonder Girl respectively
  • Teen Titans Vol 3, #37 and #39: Ms Martian cameo and first appearance
  • Adventures of Superman #500: Superboy (Kon-El) first appearance

With that out of the way, here are the new stuff that I have been buying.

Do note that most of these characters are probably not going to be starting team but I can see them making guest appearances and becoming a permanent member if the audience reaction is strong.


Green Arrow Vol 3 #2 and #45: First appearance Mia Dearden and as Speedy

Green Arrow Vol 3 #2

green arrow vol 3 issue 45

Mia Dearden is the second character to take up the mantle of Speedy. She was a controversial character due to her HIV positive status and I think that adds to her overall personality. Mia joined as Speedy in Teen Titans vol 3, #21 which is the Geoff John’s run.


Teen Titans Vol 3 #89 and Wonder Girl Vol. 2 #1: First appearance of Kiran and As Solstice

Teen Titans Vol 3 #89Teen Titans Vol 3 #89 2


Solstice is a relatively new character and made her deputy in 2010. If the show wants diversity, she will fit the bill nicely as she is Indian in origin.


Fury of Firestorm Vol 2 #24 and Blue Devil 14: First appearance of Edward Alan and as Kid Devil

blue devil vol 1 issue 14

fury of firestorm vol 2 issue 24

Kid Devil became a member during the one year later storyline and stayed for a number of years until he was killed. The Firestorm issue is worth buying as it also contains the first appearance of the Blue Devil which has been used as an Easter Egg in the Arrow and Flash TV show. Wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually turns up.


Wizard 1/2 Teen Titans: First appearance of Rose Wilson as Ravager

Wizard 1.5 Teen Titans

This issue made a small wave when Ravager appeared on the Arrow Tv show but it didn’t turn out to be a big hit. Personally, I sold 2 copies of this book at around $15 each.  She joined the Teen Titans at the same time as Kid Devil during the one year later storyline.


Infinity Crisis #5: First appearance of Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle

infinity crisis 5

Jamie Reyes is the third person who worn the mantle of the Blue Beetle. His take on the character is more akin to Iron Man. He joined the Teen Titans after issue 50. Each Infinity Crisis issue had 2 covers. I suggest getting the one with the Blue Beetle. This was a heavily printed issue so getting the right variant with the character front and center helps.


Teen Titans Vol 2 #1: First appearance of Prysm, Joto, Risk and Argent

teen titans vol 2 issue 1

This was the team that was used just before the Geoff John’s run. If they are used in the TV show, it will most likely be in the form of a guest appearance. I like it because it is 4 first appearances for the price of one book.


New Titans #79 and Annual 7: Cameo and first appearance of Team Titans

New Titans vol 1 issue 79

New Titans Annual 7
I bought these 2 issues mainly due to nostalgic reason as I remembered buying Team Titans #1 on the stands. Still, Mirage from the team did make an appearance in the Geoff John run so you never know. Similar to Teen Titans Vol 2 #1, there are 4 first appearances here for the price of one.


Teen Titans Vol 3 #39: First appearance of Bombshell

teen titans key issues vol 3 issue 39

Bombshell had the same skin as Captain Atom and commands similar powers. She was initially portrayed as a villain but joined the Teen Titans in #74. This issue also contains the first full appearance of Ms Martian.

(thanks Matt for pointing out my previous error of listing it as #43)


Villains First appearance

Besides the heroes, Teen Titans has also introduce a number of interesting villains and teams. Most villains are bad investments so I try to be more discrete here.


New Teen Titans Vol 1 #5: First appearance of Trigon

new teen titans vol 1 issue 5

Trigon is a classic Teen Titans villain and needs no introduction. He will probably be the big villain in the show, similar to Deathstroke in the Arrow show.


New Teen Titans Vol 1 #5: First appearance of Terra

new teen titans vol 1 issue 26

Terra was a instant fan favorite when she bursted on the scene is this issue. She eventually turn out to be a bad guy but that doesn’t stop her fans from loving her, although I must say this cover sucks as a first appearance cover.


Teen Titans Vol 3 #43: First appearance of Titans East (Evil)

teen titans vol 3 issue 43

This version of Titans East was a evil team led by Deathstroke (Editor’s note: there is an earlier version from the future). There are numerous first appearances to chase for each of the member but I don’t think it is worth doing so. The team itself is interesting as it is a counter part to every member of the Teen Titans. Whether they can pull this off on TV is going to be a huge question mark.


Teen Titans Vol 3 #55 and #56: Cameo and first appearance of Terror Titans

teen titans vol 3 issue 55 teen titans vol 3 issue 56

I bought these as it is again one of those multiple first appearances for the price of one deal. I like the name but I think its upside potential might be limited.


There are probably a lot more that I missed but this article is already over 1000 words and I am tired 🙂

If you feel strongly that there should be an issue here, please feel free to leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “Cheap comics to buy: teen titans key issues

  1. Hello there! Big fan of your site. I saw a story today about the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Deadpool variant getting recalled… here: (editor note: link removed due to the linking page being deleted)

    I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, but copies are already going CRAZY on Ebay.

    Thought I’d share. In hopes that you could shed a little light. Have yo heard anything about this?

    Hope to hear back from you! Thx! -Ryan

    1. Hi Ryan, we have removed that story from Book Guys because the initial source disappeared from the web.

      This variant is indeed in demand. I’ve seen from $35-$125 on various auction sites.

      Looks like this could be because of the “ONE PER STORE” listing, which I assume means many stores only got one copy…which we can all assume didn’t make it’s way past the store staff.

      Add to the rarity the fact that a Deadpool movie will eventually hit the theatres, this could be a good investment.

  2. In your header for Green Arrow Vol 3 #49, by any chance should this be #45 (or maybe even #44 – perhaps cameo vs full appearance)?

  3. You mention that the 1st appearance of Bombshell is Teen Titans 43, but from what I’ve seen it appears her cameo is in 38 and the actual 1st appearance is in 39. Am I incorrect? What is the significance of issue 43?

    Thanks so much for his great website. I love it and appreciate your advice.

    1. Boy, you caught 2 errors. It should be #43, not #39 for Bombshell and #45 for Speedy. Good catch!
      I was rushing this article and must have got the issues mixed up.

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