Print run of Hulk #271: An estimated guess

I did some research on the print run of Hulk #271 after having a interesting conversion on how high this book can go.  A $500 number was quoted but there was some hesistation due to the supply issue. However, there was no estimation of any kind of what exactly is the print run for Hulk #271. Since I have some time, I decided to do an educated guess based on public information.

hulk 271


My method

In summary, I am checking the sales ranking of the Hulk comic and use the print run number from its surrounding issues to do an estimation.

In 1983, Hulk was ranked 10th best selling comic according to this source: However, there was no exact print or sales number revealed.

Above the Hulk series are New Mutants, Conan and Red Sonja which ranked from 7 to 9 respectively. The article did provide some estimates of these titles and they all hover around 200k. Since the Hulk series is below them I assume its print run would be somewhere between 190k to 200k.

If we further assume that sales is fairly consistent from 1982 to 1983 then Hulk $271 should be in the same range of 190 to 200k print run.


Additional evidence

To back up the above, I found another source of data which states that Iron Man’s paid circulation is around 187k in 1982:

Since Iron Man is ranked as the 11th best selling title in 1983, (just one rank below the Hulk),  the Hulk print run in 1982 should be pretty close to the 187k. This is inline with the 190k to 200k estimate that I posted earlier on.


In summary, an educated guess for the print run of Hulk 271 should be in the region of 190k to 200k.


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