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Every comic investor loves  the word “undervalued”.  The problem is that it is getting ever increasingly difficult to find truly undervalued books that nobody knows. One of my strategies to counter this: look for blue chip books that have been left behind by the market. Another way is to look for left sided books: books that don’t have a history of being hot and is ignored by many. This is usually a low cost strategy but is a high risk one as you dealing with unknown books, which can go either way.

I have finished reading Overstreet #46 and one of the advisors, Doug Sulipa, gave a list of what he thinks are undervalued books. I have reproduced his Marvel list here for easy reference and to commend on whether they have good potential. Note that Overstreet #46 is for 2016 so some of the recommended stuff might be already past their expiry dates lol.


Issues Significance
9.8 (Total) Census
Amazing Adventures #1 Black Widow & Inhumans First Solo
26 (531)
 Worth considering
Amazing Adventures #18 Killraven First Appearance 6 (136)  Worth Considering
Amazing Spider Girl #1C Spider Girl Solo Title  102 (143)  High Risk
Captain America #157 Viper First Appearance  10 (73) Villain spec not worth it
Captain America #163 Serpent Squad First Appearance  6 (64) Villain spec not worth it
Captain America #164 Nightshade First Appearance 11 (82)  Villain spec not worth it
Captain America #168 Helmut Zemo First Appearance  11 (93)  Worth considering for ThunderBolt
Captain America #192 Karla Sofen (Moonstone) First Appearance  6 (46)  Worth considering for ThunderBolt
Captain America #217 Marvel Man (Quasar) First Appearance  16 (167)  Worth Considering
Captain America #290 Mother Superior (Sin) First Appearance  12 (41)  Villain spec not worth it
Captain America #310 Diamondback and Serpent Society First Appearance 7 (27)  Villain spec not worth it
Fantastic Four #19 Nathaniel Richards First Appearance as Rama-Tut  23 in 9.4 and up (416)  Kang might be a better choice
Giant Size Spider Man #4  3rd Punisher  17 (552)  Worth considering
Haunt of Horror (All issues)  Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art Low submission  Worth considering
Hulk Magazine (All issues)  Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art  Low submission  Worth considering
Incredible Hulk #336-346 Todd McFarlane Art  Generally high Possible small gains
Inhumans #1 First Series  222 (1335)  Bad TV show has damaged the property
Kitty and Wolverine #3-6 Yukio Early Appearance  32 (42) Does anybody care about Yukio?
Longshot #1 Longshot First Appearance 246 (540) Buy it (Newsstand preferred)
Man Thing #1 First Series  43 (608) Buy it
Marvel Feature #1 Defenders First Appearance  13 (1136) Seems that prices didn’t go up as much as other books
Marvel Premiere #3 Dr Strange Series Begins  7 (254) Hard to compete with Doctor Strange #169
Marvel Presents #3 Guardians of the Galaxy First Solo 8 (184) Worth Considering if the original GOTG is in a movie
Marvel Spotlight #12 Son of Satan First Solo  10 (189) Buy it
Marvel Super Action #1 Early Punisher; Bobbi Morse as Huntress 6 (131) Small potential gains
Marvel Team Up #1 Tough in 9.6 and 9.8  14 9.6 and up (802) Only if you can access uber high grade
Marvel Two in One #1-4 No idea  #1 19 (289) No comments
Marvel Treasury (All issues) Marvel vs DC is cool, tough in 9.0 and up  Low submission No comments (no knowledge)
Monster Unleashed (All issues) Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art  Low submission Worth considering, especially for movie characters
Planet of Apes (All issues) Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art Low submission No comments (no knowledge)
Rampaging Hulk (All issues) Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art  Low submission No comments (no knowledge)
Son of Satan #1 First Series  16 (309) Buy it if you believe Son of Satan will be part MCU’s supernatural focus
Spectacular Spider Man #27 First Frank Miller on DareDevil 113 (645) Possible small gains
Super Villain Team Up #1 First Series  19 (276) Worth considering for Doc Doom and Sub Mariner Appearance
Tales of the Zombie (All issues) Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art #1: 7(73) Worth Considering
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction (All issues) Tough to find in high grades; amazing cover art #1: 21 (54) No Comments (No knowledge)
Vampire Tales (All issues) #1: Morbius Solo, #2 Satanna First Appearance #1: 1 (48)
#2:8 (64)
Buy it


Note on Comic magazines

One thing that jump out from the list is how undervalued the advisor feels about the comic magazines. Almost every magazine has been given the undervalued label so it is interesting to look into this demand. It is not something I have spend much time on but I will do so in the future to see what gems are there. We are already familiar with the likes of Marvel Preview #4 and #7, and Savage Tales #1, and there might more such investment worthy comic magazines to pick up. Vampire Tales is definitely one such series. Let’s see if more exist.


Buy it Recommendations

Here are my rationale for saying “buy it” in the columns above.


Long Shot #1

longshot 1

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A cult favourite X Men with a Arthur Adams cover. What makes this one a buy is due to the low price of entry. It is low enough to be considered a lottery kind of speculation so be aware it is highly risky. However, with Fox now seemingly daring to try off the wall characters like Madrox, the Multiple Man, anything is possible as long as there is any angle to differentiate the movie. I believe Longshot does have this angle.

Currently, this book is not hard to get in 9.8, with 246 copies already on the census without movie hype. Expect this number to balloon if there are any news. The harder to get editions is the newsstand versions.  Out of 13 listings I saw on Ebay, only 2 are newsstands 9.8. This indicates that it is harder to find them in uber high grade conditions so I would stock up on these.

Just to be clear, newsstand editions are not hard to find in this 1985 era. What is difficult is uber high grade newsstands i.e 9.8 candidates.


Man Thing #1

man thing 1

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Savage Tales #1 has some heat recently. Collectors or speculators are starting to pay attention to Man Thing and it is only a matter of time before the spotlight is on this book: Man Thing premiere issue. This book also features the 2nd appearance of Howard the Duck so it is a nice added bonus. Supply wise, the ratio of 9.8 to total submissions is less than 10%, which is ideal.  If you believe in the potential of Man Thing, this is a key book to have and is still affordable in the 9.4-9.6 range.

Marvel Spotlight #12

marvel spotlight 12
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I have covered this book quite a number of times before. You can read it here and here. First appearance dispute aside, this book is the first solo story for Son for Satan and also his first cover appearance. Its limited supply in 9.8 means prices might spike if interest picks up over time.


Son of Satan #1

son of satan 1

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This and the above books makes a good pairing. Compared to Marvel Spotlight #12, the Son of Satan #1 is seriously affordable and should be in your collection if you believe in this character.


Vampire Tales #1 and #2

vampire tales 1

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I have mentioned Vampires Tales #2 before so I am just going to focus on #1. This is Morbius first solo story. Since he is currently in movie development, there is a chance this book might attract some interest. Already a hard book to find in high grade, movie speculation will only drive the prices higher for good condition books.

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