April income report and a new posting format!

Having done a coupe of income reports, I think it is time for a change. They don’t really motivate me to do any work since most of the income are from my existing sites. From this month on, I will only report on the sites I am actively working on now. The target is to reach $500 per month from these sites by end of the year or early next year.

For this challenge, I will be working on 3 sites. All sites will be monetized via Amazon.


My niche sites

Niche site 1: This site is a magazine style site that covers one of the latest trend in beverage. The first monetization method will be via Amazon. If the traffic grows, there is the possibility of selling my own ebooks, which will be a much more lucrative revenue source.

Niche site 2: The second niche is on a new appliance that makes fresh juices. It is pretty expensive and I am sure there will be lots of searches before the actual purchase is done.

Niche site 3: Among the 3, this is the only site that has some age. I didn’t touch it for the past 2 years but it makes a couple of dollars every other month. So, I wanted to dust it off and continue to update it. So far, I have already added 6-7 new articles and I intend to add more in the coming months.


My strategy

I am not going into the link building game that so many other affiliate sites are playing. I feel that it is too dangerous and I don’t want to risk my sites being penalised by Google.

My strategy is for the sites to earn trust first and that will be done by continuously adding content. My target is to have at least 50 articles on each of these niche sites before doing anything else. Most of these 50 articles will not be monetized. They will be helpful to the visitors and include things such as tutorials, news, roundups etc. The important thing is to provide as much value as I can for these niche sites.

After the 50 article are done, I will see where the niche sites are and how they can be further improved.


Income reports

Total income so far is big fat zero. I expect that to be remain for a couple of months until the sites mature and gets more content. Since I am not using any links, the waiting period will probably be longer but it will be in line with what Google wants.

Niche Site 1
Niche Site 2
Niche Site 3
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