August income report

It has been a few months since I last updated my income report. There wasn’t really any interesting thing to say except I have been busy working on the sites.

I decided to add 2 more columns to my new reporting format as showing the low numbers from the 3 new sites isn’t very motivating. The ‘old sites’ column reports the income that I was showing previously here.  There hasn’t been much increase but it is keeping a steady stream of around $800 to $900 per month. The income source for this money stream comes from Amazon, and Themeforest.

The ‘comic’ column is a new addition and should be interesting to my comic readers. It shows the net profit of my comic investing after deducting all the costs including shipping, cost of comics, paypal and ebay fees. This is not a passive income source but it doesn’t depend on me having a job. Anyway, it is a fun thing to be able to earn something from your hobby.

In summary, the total online income for me was $1,256. This doesn’t include any income from my authority sites and any other sources such as adsense.

NS 1 (Beverage) NS 2 (Appliance) NS 3 (Bedding)  Old sites Comics Total
April $0 $0 $0
May $0  $0  $2
Jun  $0  $0  $0
Jul  $0  $0  $0
Aug  $0  $20  $6  $870  $360  $1,256


Updates on the new niche sites

These 3 sites are still moving along. I am quite happy that #2 and #3 have started to generate income. #1 didn’t show any big improvement and I think I know the reason why.  However, let me first show you the traffic reports for these 3 sites.


NS #1 traffic report

traffic reports for ns1

Ignore the June spike as one of the post became popular in Reddit. However, such social media traffic is seldom sustainable and you can see it falling down in July. After adjusting for the spike, the traffic is still increasing but very slowly.

One of the reason is that the domain I bought for this site has actually been used before. I didn’t bother to check for this when I made the purchase and I think I am paying the price for this mistake. I don’t know if the previous owner did anything to damage the domain but whatever the reasons, it is impacting my current site’s performance in Google search engine.


NS #2 traffic report

traffic reports for ns2

Site 2 did the best in term of earnings and traffic. The secret? I used a backlink service for this site. I always know backlinks work but I wanted to keep the sites clean. However, I decided I should risk one site just to see faster results. The gamble paid off and this is the results. I am not sure how long this will last but I hope the backlinks I build will not have an adverse effects when Google updates its search algorithms.


NS #3 traffic report

traffic reports for ns3

As I mentioned in the April income report, site #3 is actually a older niche site that I decide to brush off the dust and start to work on it again. There was some traffic improvement but nothing to shout about. I am just happy it is starting to earn again.



Overall, it was a very productive few months since the last income reports. Beside these 3 sites, I started another batch of 4-5 sites. I am not quite ready to talk about them but the initial results look very promising.

Until the next updates, keep working hard! Passive income is possible if you put your mind to it.

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