Cassie Lang First Appearance [With Images and Timeline]

This guide looks at the Cassie Lang’s first appearance in her many forms throughout her comic history.

Cassie Lang First AppearanceIssue
1. As a kidMarvel Premiere #47
2. As an adult and with powersYoung Avengers #2
3. In costume and became superheroYoung Avengers #3
4. As Stature (name only)Young Avengers #6
5. As Stinger Astonishing Antman #6
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Lets look at the more details on Cassie Lang and important moments of her appearances in comics.

Cassie Lang in the MCU

The reason I am even writing this article is because I see Cassie Lang getting more prominent in the MCU. She was pretty well received in general and I think the studios will have plans to groom Cassie up to be one of the next generation stars.

If that comes true, then every key issue of Cassie will be in demand.

Marvel Premiere #47

Date of Publication: 1979
Sale number: 124,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Scott Lang as Antman

2. First appearance of Cassie Lang

3. Lower sales compared to other high profile bronze age books


Cassie Lang first appearance as a child is in Marvel Premiere #47. Her first comic panel can be seen below.

Whether that is important is subjective. On average, most ‘kids’ or ‘baby’ appearance isn’t regarded that highly in the collectible world. What we want is her first appearance in costume as a hero. With that in mind, let’s continue the search.

Since we are looking at Marvel Premiere #47, let’s see if it passes my undervalued criteria, which you can refer here.

Undervalued relative to importance

This book is now considered a key. Due to the MCU, Scott Lang is now recognized as the official Antman, not Hank Pym. As long as this character is used in movies, Marvel Premiere #47 will always be regarded as an important key.

However, prices are still very affordable. In this sense, I would say the book is undervalued relative to its importance in both comics and MCU.

Undervalued relative to peers

For comparison, I picked War Machine and Quasar as they are both produced in the same period.

Price of 8.0Price of 9.4Price of 9.6
Marvel Premiere #47 (1979)$80 (150)$160 (350)$250 (400)
Iron Man #118 (1979)$120 (29)$110 (135)$150 (147)
Captain America #217 (1978)$80 (16)$100 (68)$300 (73)

As the table shows, Marvel Premiere #47 is not really lagging behind these 2 issues. From that perspective, it is not undervalued.

Undervalued relative to historical prices

Marvel Premiere #47 has retraced significantly from its historical price prior to the release of Antman #1. Subsequent movies have not been able to move the prices back to where it was.

In this case, it is undervalued to what it can achieved. This second wind might come if Antman #3 did something amazing. Alternatively, Cassie Lang might become hot and the collecting community suddenly want to collect Cassie Lang’s child appearance.

Young Avengers #2

Date of Publication: 2005
Sale number: 76,570

Key strengths of this book
1. Cassie Lang first appearance as an adult

2. Cassie Lang first manifest her growing power

3. Ignore by most collectors so it is cheap


From 1979s to 2005, Cassie Lang has made about 37 appearances, all as a child. It is only until Young Avengers #2 that we finally see Cassie Lang as an adult.

Below is her first panel as an adult

To me, this is quite a significant issue as Cassie is no longer the background character from the past 20 years. For the first time, we see her being in the lead, instead of just being Antman’s daughter.

What is more important however is what happens later in the same book.

This is the first time Cassie manifests her powers, which in comics, is a pretty big deal. From this, we know she is not just a regular character.

She now has superpowers!

Young Avengers #3

Date of Publication: 2005
Sale number: 72,063

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Cassie in costume

2. Ignore by most collectors so it is cheap


This book arguably can be regarded as Cassie Lang’s first appearance in costume and became a superhero. I know the popular issue is Young Avengers #6 but it is really not as significant as others are saying.

Here is the panel where Cassie appears in costume.

If that is not Cassie Lang’s first appearance as a costumed superhero, I don’t know what is. The only thing missing is having a code name.

However, is a name really more important than the heroine suited up and became a superhero?

Young Avengers #6

Date of Publication: 2005
Sale number: 67,539

Key strengths of this book
1. First time Cassie Lang uses the name Stature


This has been decided by the market as Cassie Lang’s first appearance as Stature. This implied this is the issue where she was first appeared as a superhero.

However, as the above panels have shown, this is not true. Cassie suited a couple of issues ago and has remained in full power throughout.

What you get in #6 is actually a codename. Let me show you how this name was created.

And that is how Stature acquired her name. Notice how they are already out of costume.

Why is that?

It is because most of the story has ended in #5. There really isn’t much happening to Cassie Lang in terms of moving her forward in terms of character development.

However the cover did show Cassie Lang in full for the first time. Maybe that is why collectors flock to it.

Astonishing Antman #6

Date of Publication: 2016
Sale number: 20,375

Key strengths of this book
1. Cassie Lang first appearance as Stinger

2. Low sales book


In this issue, Cassie Lang took on a new costume and identity. In this case, there is actually character development so it is more significant than Young Avengers #6.

Here is the final panel of this issue where the costume and name was revealed.

There you have it. The many first appearances of Cassie Lang. The purpose is not to try to dethrone Young Avengers #6 as that is up to the market.

Instead, this guide attempts to give you the details of what is going on inside the comics so you can decide which of her first appearance you prefer.

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  1. It might be worth including A-Next #1. It features the first appearance of an adult Cassandra Lang as Stinger, albeit in an alternate future. This book was published before the Young Avengers run.

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