Cheap comic to speculate: Hope Van Dyne or Hope Pym first appearance for Antman movie

The big news for the Marvel movie panel for SDCC 2014 is the confirmation of Evangeline Lilly as the daughter of Hank Pym. Initially, her name was announced to be Hope Van Dyne but later clarification seems to say that the name should be Hank Pym. Regardless, what is confirmed is that she will not be Janet Van Dyne and this represents a good chance for a cheap comic speculation.

Before going into her first appearance, let me state what are the risks in buying the issues recommended here:

  • Brand new character: This is the biggest risk among all that will be mention. It is entirely possible that the Antman movie will deviate from the comic which means the Hope Van Dyne is not the same character as Hope Pym. When this happens, all speculation becomes moot since there is no comic appearance of this character.
  • Not catching the attention of speculators: For characters who are so obscure as Hope Pym, they might never spark the interest of comic collectors or speculators. Personally though, I feel this risk is mitigated if there is actual confirmation that Hope Van Dyne is actually Hope Pym in the comics. The GOTG experience can taught us that Marvel movie is very good at pushing obscure characters when they are the main attraction.
  • Changing history: Another possibility is that Marvel movie will change the origin of Wasp and let Hope Van Dyne become her instead of Janet. In that case, Tales to Astonish #44 will still be the book to get.

Give the above risks, I still think this is worth a purchase because what I am about to recommend is just dollar bin material. You wouldn’t get burn even if the speculation doesn’t pan out. However, the upside can be quite attractive since Evangeline Lilly is a big name and this role will not be a minor one.


Hope Van Dyne or Hope Pym first appearance

So, let’s say you have decided to take a risk, what should you be buying? At first glance, the book that will surface is A Next #7, which is stated as Hope Pym’s first appearance in a lot of places such as Marvel wikia and comicvine.

hope van dyne first appearance a next 7


Unfortunately, it is not a full appearance as she appears only in the shadows.  Her full appearance is actually in A Next 10, so make sure you get both if you want to speculate on this news (editor’s note: see updated info below).  Print run for both is as such: 33,881 for #7 and 30,238 for #10.

hope van dyne first app a next 10

Happy hunting! You can see here for more cheap comic to speculate.


Updated: 29th July 2014

Due to some knowledgeable comic friends, here is the more detail information about Hope Pym’s first appearance.

  • A-Next #7 – minor shadowed cameo (just her legs and one line of dialogue)
  • A-Next#10 – one-page cameo
  • A-Next #12 (final issue) – full appearance as Red Queen and in costume on cover.

hank pym first appearance 3

So folks, get those A next #12 as well if you want to speculate on this character.