Best undervalued bronze age comics to invest for 2015

2014 was a great year for comic investing. Personally, I managed to turn my losses in 2013 around and is now in the green. Go me!

Industry wise, we saw Marvel and DC announcing their 5 year movie slant that caused quite a few comics to shoot up in prices. In particular, FF #45 and #52 lead the charge, followed by FF #46 and #36. Other notable issues include New Mutants #98 and Batman Adventures #12. Small price hikes include the likes of DC Comics Presents #26, Tales of Teen Titans #44, Legends #3, Firestorm #1, Swamp Thing #35, among others.

Going into 2015 as I am sure there will be more movie/tv hype to boast the value of back issues. The key question is whether there are still undervalued books out there. My answer is a affirmative yes and this article will highlight a couple of the best bronze age comics. If you have read my undervalued bronze age #1 article, you will see that I am quite accurate in these things πŸ™‚


Strange Tales #169: First appearance of Brother Voodoo

brother voodoo first appearance

I have stated previously on why Marvel supernatural characters will be one of the bigger news maker in the coming months/years as the Doctor Strange movie takes hold and opens up this side of Marvel. In that same article, I have already recommended this issue but 6 months after, my belief in this book is even stronger for 2 reasons:

  • Brother Voodoo is now part of Uncanny Avengers. This is a major update as you don’t get just anybody to be in a best selling title like Uncanny Avengers. Marvel is preparing Brother Voodo to take the spotlight and this will definitely increase interest in his first appearance. Since the time I bought them, this book has already seen a significant price increase from a $30 VF condition to now $50-60.
  • There aren’t many VF and above books in the market. I have been watching this book and they are not easily available on Ebay. A limited supply is always a good sign as any surge in demand will mean a strong price increase.

Check out Strange Tales 169’s Ebay listings


Defenders #28: Full appearance of Starhawk


This is again a book I recommended before in my article on undervalued Guardians of the Galaxy key issues. That was wayyy back in April and prices of this book has increased since then. I bought my first copy at the price of $15 for a VF condition book. Now, it is easily a $50 book. I am glad I bought 5 copies so early πŸ™‚

defenders 28 hoard

Editor’s note: In that same article, another recommendation (Nova 8) has also seen some price increases. I bought 6 copies for $39 and sold 5 of them for $100. Not a big return but enough to make my 6th copy free for my collection πŸ™‚

Back to Starhawk. Since that article, there was been more clues dropped by Marvel. An obvious one is this image from the GOTG DVD. See Starhawk over there? It might not mean anything but at least we know the Director likes this character enough to put him inside.

starhawk in GOTG movie

Check out Defenders 28 Ebay listings


Β Avengers 83: First appearance of Valkyrie

Avengers 83 Valkeyrie

Remember the picture below? It was a art concept for Valkyrie in Thor 2. They never did used it but it meant that Marvel has actually considered putting her in the movie. I don’t know about you but that to me is a worthwhile bet that she might still appear in Thor #3.


For the sake of the 10 copies that I bought when I wrote this article on Defenders key issues, I hope I am right πŸ™‚ Here is a sampling of my hoard.

Check out Avengers 83 Ebay listings


Marvel Premiere #1

marvel premiere 1

Adam Warlock key issues got hot during the GOTG movie period, died down and is now hot again. This means there is still time to get your hands on this key issue where Him transform into the Adam Warlock we love today. Make no doubt. The importance of MP #1 is similar to Tales of Teen Titans #44 where Robin becomes Nightwing. In fact, it is even more important as Adam Warlock gains not only a new costume but new powers and personality.

The black cover makes it tough to get this in high grade so it is definitely limited in supply in that condition.

Check out Marvel Premiere 1 Ebay listings


Forever People #1

forever people vol 1 1

Darkseid is no Thanos but my analysis in this article on their key issue prices showed that there is still room for growth with Forever People #1. Currently, Darkseid has not been formerly announced but it is a no brainer that he will be the villain for the Justice League movie. You have seen what happened to Iron Man #55. Even if this reaches half of that book’s value, it will still be a solid investment.

Check out Forever People 1 Ebay listings

See my small hoard below

11 thoughts on “Best undervalued bronze age comics to invest for 2015

  1. Nice pics I have been looking at 3 out of the 4 here, thanks for the Avengers 83 info I’ll definitely try to score a copy. I have a gut feeling about another sideline character as movie potential… Tigra. Question… The Cat 1 is here first appearance but she become Tigra in Giant Size Creatures 1. Which one should I try to get or will both go up if she is added to the roster? I’m thinking the need for more female character will bring her in maybe even as an inhuman… Who knows…

    1. Tigra is actually on my radar as well and I will include her in an upcoming article. I would go for Giant Size Creatures #1 as this is the issue that transform the character into the Tigra we know today. πŸ™‚

      1. Thx for the tips! Gonna try and check out the Avengers 83. But what I’m looking at is 1st Moon Knight. I’m willing To bet he will show up somewhere in the MCU

        1. WWBN #32 is a pretty pricey book. Have you considered Moon Knight #1, which I have recommended the past? πŸ™‚

          1. Love Moon Knight. The 2014 series was great. Once Marvel makes a Moon Knightress, we will know they are serious, haha.

  2. Went out to ebay and checked prices on your picks. I should note that I did the same thing the last time you posted picks for 2014. I think the picks are good, but I am not sure about how much room is left at this time. When real news comes out regarding one of these books, I agree they will go up. But, at this time, do you think these books are a deal at the prices people are asking? If so, is there a particular grade level? Or do you think all levels are deals?

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian.
      Whenever I buy at Ebay, it is always at market prices. The expectation is that they will go up in the coming months or years.
      I can never buy below market prices because Ebay is my main source of books. However, just be sure how much these prices can appreciate so you can know how much you should invest.
      Most of the books mention here can at least double or triple their current market prices.

      1. Hey, you’ve been a big help to me so I thought I’d try and return the favor. I’ve seen you mention a few times your restricted to EBay buying and selling. I’m guessing because of location. You should check out these forums. There are many dealers and collectors that buy and sell here to avoid eBay fees and because it’s just a more personable environment.

        PayPal is the usual way people pay and there are people from many different counties with different shipping options. I’ve bought stuff from France. Many items are priced below EBay prices and the grading accuracy is much better. If you use the “paying for goods/services” option in paypal your purchases are covered just like an eBay purchase.

        Here’s the link:

        Check it out and read through the rules which is stickied near the top. I think you’ll like this site and I wish you good luck.


  3. what do you think about the Defenders #4 as being the first Valkyrie as the Enchantress is impersonating her in Avengers 83.

    1. I prefer Avengers #83 to be honest. Defenders #4 might get some attention but I feel that market has already decided it will the former.

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