Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #3

The chats are still going on but the spec talk component has went down a bit this weel. (Which is a plus for me because it is less writing lol)

However, I still manage to pick some useful tidbits to share with the community.

1. Comics heating up

Knull was in the chats almost on daily basis. As a result, other books were simply ignored or barely discussed. If you want to start some anti-Knull conversation by reporting some other hots book, we would more than welcome you in the chats!

2. Comic book speculation

There wasn’t that many new speculation ideas being discussed as it is just Knull or nothing

2.1 Black Winter

Thor Vol 6, #4 2nd print

Date of Publication: 2020
Sale number: No Information

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Black Winter


Black Winter, a new character from Donny Cates’s Thor run, is causing some heat among speculators. As such, members of our community are speculating on Thor #4’s 2nd printing, which spots a new cover art for the character in cloud form (you know, like how Galactus was portrayed in Fantastic Four #2).

However, there was some concern over the amount of copies being sold before the FOC. Usually, books that are well anticipated by the speculating community do not do well in the secondary market. What often exploded are books that caught people unaware, unlike Venom #4 3rd print for example.

My advice is to limit such lottery plays to a small portion of your investment portfolio. What we want are more undervalued comics and less speculative plays.

Strange Academy #1

Date of Publication: 2020
Sale number: 71,039

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of many Strange Academy students


With many new characters being introduced in this new series, members were picking up this book in case any one get hots. The 1:50 variants has been seeing some high sales, which should tickle down to the regular versions if the series is well received.

Currently, it is all a bit of a lottery play as only one issue is published. If you want to play, keep your bets small.


2.3 Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas Vol 3, #2 2nd print

Date of Publication:
Sale number:

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Sword Master


This book was a mixed of heating up + speculative talk. The main draw for this book seems to be the low print run, given that #2 is usually less printed than #1.

The book also contains the first English appearance of Sword Master. This character has earlier appeared in a Chinese comic released only in China. However, there was a first cover of this character in Agents of Atlas #1.

I have read all these issues and personally, I hated it. The plot was run of the mill while the character development was weak. I prefer the Champions to this. In fact, the original Agents of Atlas was a much better read and team.

2.4 Star Wars speculation

The big news for the week was the Bad Batch animation show. However, first appearances of that team and its members wasn’t clear cut. Currently, it seems that most of them appeared in animation shows only. However, there is always the possibility of them appearing in some obscure comics that nobody has paid attention yet.

Below are the names of the Bad Batch team:

  • Hunter
  • Crosshair
  • Tech
  • Wrecker
  • Echo

The only sure thing is that Jay warned us about Star Wars (Marvel) Vol 2, #19 and #21 are definitely not their first appearances, despite what other groups are saying.

The team that appeared in these issues are called Task Force 99, which is different from the Bad Batch, which was called Clone Force 99. One could say the latter inspired the former but the members are all different.

3. Tips and tricks

Given all these talk on Knull’s price movements, there was also less tips being discussed.

3.1 Removing tide marks

There was a particularly useful discussion on how to remove tide marks and other stuff. It is all chemisty based so a lot of it went over my head. Besides, I will not want to give any advice that might damage your book if I am not 100% sure. Instead, I will just cut and cope the important tips mentioned:

Below is for removal for tide marks

  • Water cleanses , as it whets, so too will the tide recedes
  • So the tide live will lighten as you apply water, and then move…
  • Shave em but not scrub them
  • Dry them using paper towels

For foxing and dark tideline

  • Hydrogen peroxide and water for foxing and dark tideline to lighten
  • Use water to then remove the tide as above
  • Always practice these on bronze and silver fodder that you were going to give away or donate!

If you need tips, ask Smick! He have practiced on enough of his books to advice you on what to do………..if he likes you lol

4. Others

To end off, there was some d*** comparing discussion whereby the boys were showing off their high grade bronzes.

I am just jealous because I don’t have any in such high grade 🙁

The above high grade horror books will have been perfect if not for that modern book. What the hell is that Champions #19 2nd print doing in the picture??!!!

This is Sean’s hoard. He is just lucky I am still waiting for my last Marvel Spotlight #5 copy to come back from CGC before doing a hoard picture lol.


If you didn’t get anything out of this particular summary, please do not blame me as I simply summarize what was being discussed lol.

For the most of last week, it is all about how high certain books are going up. While this might be interesting to folks who own the books, there was little insights that others can learn from.

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