March 2015 super late income report

No, I am not dead. Just busy buying websites and writing articles. I now average 7000 – 8000 words a week which I am super proud of, given that I hold a full time job.

March in general was a bit of a disappointment with the earnings. Let’s jump to the numbers before telling you what I have been up to.

(Note: I did not include income from any of my authority sites as this table is meant to show only income from niche sites.)

NS 2 (Appliance) NS 4  (Appliance) NS 5 (Home) Old sites Comics Total
Jan $370 $0 $0 $481 $615 $1,466
Feb $238 $0 $0 $344 $380 $962
Mar  $237  $0  $0  $378  $166  $781


The drop in total reported income is mainly due to the comic selling. I am easing off that now because of my focus on niche sites so I don’t bother to list any stuff for sale on Ebay. Don’t be mistaken though. Their values are still rising. For example. I just got to know that Captain Marvel #17’s prices have shot up. This is a comic I recommended all you guys to buy during Oct 2014 when it was just cover price. Now? USD70-90. I predict now that if any of the rumors are confirmed, this might be a USD120-USD150 book. It has only around 3-4k copies printed.

On the niche sites front, the income is stable at around USD600+. It actually rise by quite a bit in April but that is for next month’s report 🙂


Make money selling website

The great news for the month was that I sold a site for SGD3,800 in March to one of my friends who want to get into website investing. The site is not included in the income reports although it is earning around SGD200 per month. I am happy with the sale as it is to someone I know. I could have sold it for more but since it is to a friend, I don’t mind taking less profits.


Putting it tonnes of work

One of the reason I am not as active in the comic community is that I am currently doing lots of work on my niche sites. I have been pretty lazy in the past 2 years as I rely solely on website investing for income. I am determined this year to make sure my own niche sites start pulling in the dough. The NS #2 I started last year is proof that it is possible to make good money on new niche sites so that is where I am putting in my efforts.

When I say work, I really mean work. I get up early in the morning to write articles and I continue to write them after work. This is how I manage to squeeze 1000+ words everyday for the past 2 months. They have not translate to anything solid yet but I am confident the work I am doing now will bear fruit in the coming months.

My plan is still to retire by 40 so I have got 3 years left. Time to put the foot to the pedal if I am to meet my target.

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