Best X men comics to invest for 2015

To be honest, I was never a big fan of buying X men comics as investments. One reason is because they were too popular during their time, leading to an oversupply of back issues in the secondary market. In addition, the way the movies have been produced, it seems like only Wolverine and Mystique have any significant screen time. The rest of the characters were often sidelined, which makes them poor investments.

With X Men Apocalypse coming in 2006, it is time to reconsider if there are any undervalued X Men comics worth speculating on. I have a couple of picks but I speculated on these above wayyyy back in this article: X force movie speculatio. I picked them because they were hot characters during the 90s and have a fan based that support their price level. Hopefully, the movie will do them justice, leading to greater price appreciation.


X Factor #24: Full appearance of Archangel

x factor 24

I remember how this version of Angel cause a sensation where he first was introduced into the X factor series. No longer was Warren a boring character with lame powers. As Archangel, he was almost as deadly as Wolverine and cooler than Iceman and Cyclops. Today had a piece of news that featured this photo:

angel in x men Apocalypse

Together with the fact that Apocalypse would be involved, it is relatively safe to say that Archangel’s movie is likely.

Another good thing is that X Factor was not as popular as the X men so print run should be in the 50-60k range, relative to the 6 digit print run that X men titles have. Having said that, it is still a high number compared to today’s circulation which means there is going to be a lower price ceiling for this book.

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New Mutants Annual #2 and X Men #256

new mutants annual 2

uncanny xmen 256

I still stand behind these issues as I feel Psylocke is a solid character with existing fan. The only thing lacking is a solid screen presence to push her American first appearance into new heights. Her first movie appearance in X Men 3 movie was a complete dud. Thankfully, it is now confirmed that Psylocke will made an appearance in X Men Apocalypse. Let’s see the director do some justice to her.

In terms of which is the better investment book, the New Mutants Annual will be the one in shorter supply, compare to the X Men issue.  Personally, I love the cover to #256 and it marks Psylocke’s first appearance in her new ninja outlook. However, the print run on this issue is ridiculous so the ceiling will be relatively low.

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X Men #221: First appearance of Mr Sinister

uncanny x men 221 first sinister

Another fan favorite character that is bound to appear on screen.  However the non cover appearance + the print run on a X men title means this will not be in the same league as X Factor #6. If you can buy them on the cheap, go ahead. Just don’t expect it to become the Apocalypse.

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Overall, the issues presented here are neither surprising or interesting. This brings me to a point: it is harder and harder to have new books to speculate. The comic investing climate has changed so much that almost every major character has been speculated on. There will be a few oddballs here and there but these will be harder to come by.

If you want really good picks, go and read my undervalued bronze age comics to invest for 2015 again.

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    1. Thanks Vince. Yes you can. Every collector market can benefit from detailed analysis based on news and historical facts.

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