Marvel and DC key silver age issues: 2nd appearance edition

In this article, I am looking at Marvel and DC silver age issues that contain 2nd appearances of characters whose first appearance are heating up. I chose them because:

  • these characters are have been confirmed by the market to be hot but most collector or speculators are not looking at their 2nd appearance yet;
  • cheap compared to 2nd appearances of well know characters such as Iron Man

I focus on silver age as my previous article on 2nd comic appearance showed that there is money to be made. Bronze age 2nd appearances? Not so much.

To see how much money you can potentially make buying and selling 2nd appearances of up and coming characters, I will use a bench issue to access where is the price ceiling. This will give you a better idea on whether 2nd appearances are worth investing.

The issue I choose is Tales of Suspense #53 which is the 2nd appearance of Black Widow. I choose this benchmark because:

  • She is not the hottest character like Iron Man so using her tend to reveal the correct average value, rather than extreme outliers that might skew your investment perspective
  • The year of publication is closer to most of the issues I will be covering

Here is the list

Issue Very Good Fine
Tales of Suspense #53 USD 50 USD 100
Aquaman #13 – 2nd appearance of Mera USD 25 USD 50-60
Aquaman #32 – 2nd appearance of Ocean Master USD 15 USD 25-30
Fantastic Four #38 – 2nd appearance of Mera USD 30 USD 50
Atom #19 – 2nd appearance of Zatanna USD 15 USD 50
Strange Adventures #191 – 2nd appearance of Enchantress USD 20 Unknown

As you can see, there are still some room for growth for most of the 2nd appearance if they can be popular as Black Widow. In fact, most of these 2nd appearances can double your money quite easily if you buy them now and hold until nearer to the movies release date.

The important key to maximising your returns is to evaluate which of these characters can develop a real fan base, like Harley, rather than an object of movie speculation. Characters with real fan base tend to have solid 2nd appearance prices and this is something only you can decide. For me, Zatanna has the best chances as I think she has a good fan base. All that is needed now is media exposure. Medusa might be another candidate but is too early too tell.

If you think this is viable investment strategy, below are the covers and links to ebay listing for your convenience.


Aquaman #13: 2nd appearance of Mera

aquaman 13 2nd appearance of mera

Check Ebay listings


Aquaman #32: 2nd appearance of Ocean Master

aquaman 32 2nd appearance of ocean master

Check Ebay listings


Fantastic Four #38: 2nd appearance of Medusa

fantastic four 38 2nd appearance of Medusa

Check Ebay listings


Atom #19: 2nd appearance of Zatanna

atom 19 2nd appearance of Zatanna

Check Ebay listings


Strange Adventures #191

strange adventures 191 2nd appearance of Enchantress

Check Ebay listings


3 thoughts on “Marvel and DC key silver age issues: 2nd appearance edition

  1. Hi

    I have the chance to buy Strange tales 169 cgc 9.6 OW/W for $230. Is this a good deal or just average

    Your opinion on this would be much appreciated

      1. Thanks I went ahead and bought it. Spent hours searching for one at a good price so really pleased.

        Again I went after this comic after your recommendation

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