My Dec haul: Teen Titan, Firestorm and other first appearance keys

I went to post office today to collect my comic packages that I have purchased in December. This is always a fun activity as I love to hold the books in my hands just to see their cover art work. For December, I bought mostly dollar bin books as a form of cheap lottery tickets. Take a look below to see what I have purchased and you might gain some inspiration for your own collecting or investing journey.


Teen Titans key issues

Teen Titan key issues

Most of the purchases here are what I have talked about in the Teen Titans key issues article. I particularly love the Green Arrow 45 cover, which features the new Speedy on the front cover. These are for $1 so if any of the characters here gets any heat from being featured on the Teen Titans TV show, I guess 1-2 sales will cover the cost of the whole batch.


Firestorm key issues

Firestorm key issues

I am preparing for any potential Firestorm TV show news by stocking up on these. I haven’ talked about them yet but I will do so in a future article on Firestorm undervalued issues.


Bronze and Copper DC first appearances

Bronze and Copper DC first appearances

This batch is a odd mix so let me explain why I bought them

  • Super Friends #25 and Justice League International #12: First appearance of Fire and Ice. The name of Fire was mentioned in the Flash TV show so I picked these up. They are also members of the Justice League so they might be appearing in future Justice League movies.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 2 #9: First appearance of Barbara Ann Minerva as Cheetah. With an upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Cheetah is a likely villain. Among the 3 Cheetahs in the DC universe, Barbara Ann Minerva is probably the one they will use. This issue features her transformation from Barbara Ann Minerva to Cheetah, which means it is the Modern Cheetah’s first appearance.
  • Shade, the Changing Man #1: First appearance of Shade. With almost every Vertigo comics being optioned for movie or TV, Shade is one the few remaining characters that has no such exposure.
  • Day of Vengeance #1 2nd print: First appearance of Shadow Pact. With Enchantress appearing in the DC universe, this team might have some potential. Anyway, I liked this team but I must admit this is a very long shot.


Recognised Keys

Batman Adventures 12 Aquaman 11 Strange Tales 169

These are the keys that most should know. Just buying more copies to add to my hoards.

4 thoughts on “My Dec haul: Teen Titan, Firestorm and other first appearance keys

  1. Whoa! Did you really just find all those recognized keys this past weekend? I have been scouring for that harley issue. If you did, on top of the others shown, that was one heck of a haul 🙂

    – Craig

    1. It is choke full of first appearances of which the atom smasher has been mentioned in the Flash TV show. So buying it in advance in case the characters are used.

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