Doctor Strange undervalue key issues: the value of Strange Tales 126

Are there still any undervalued Doctor Strange key issues being that the movie is coming in 2016? My answer is yes and today I am going to present some evidence on on why Strange Tales #126 is a solid investment now and where its value can do one year from now.

Regular readers will know that my approach to buying undervalued comics is to compare the potential investment candidates with another bench mark comic to see where the price ceiling is. This in turn will determine if the candidates are undervalued or are they already at peak prices.

strange tales 126 first appearance of Clea


Current prices comparison

For Strange Tales #126, the main draw for me is Clea. Specifically, she can be the next Scarlet Witch or Black Widow, who are commanding nice prices on their first appearances.  However, she can also turn out to be like Lady Sif in terms of investment potential. So let’s take a look at the ceiling and floor for Strange Tales #126.

Issue Very Good Fine  Print Run
Tales of Suspense #52 USD 130-140 USD 300  207k
X Men #4 USD 300-320 USD 550  Unknown
Journey Into Mystery 102 USD 35 USD 55  205k
Strange Tales 126 USD 90-100 USD 140  215k

Looking at the above, the book can be seen as undervalued if you believe Clea will become an important supporting character for Strange. On the other hand, if you think she will be like Sif then the book is already overvalued.

Personally, this book is a buy for me because it touches on an important point I made in my Comic investing tips #1 i.e. a silver age book that crosses USD100 for a Fine condition copy has the potential to appreciate further in prices. If you look at JIM #102, the book never cross this line and hence it never did do anything solid in terms of price appreciation. However, once that line is breached, like FF #36 or Aquaman #11, the price will keep on increasing until the next ceiling.


Dormammu + Clea

clea value of strange tales 126

One other thing I need to highlight is the both Dormammu and Clea first appeared in this issue. If we used Google Trends as a gauge, you can that most of the interest in this book is driven by Dormammu. Now, notice the red line. It represents people searching for Clea within the comic category and it is on the rise. Imagine if this interest rival or overtakes Dormammu search. This means demand or interest in the book will double and that will have a strong upward pressure on the price.


To conclude, this is a good book to consider if you are looking for undervalued Doctor Strange first appearances. ST110 is already sky high in prices and there aren’t many other supporting characters. If you think Clea can be the next big female character on screen, this is a worthy comic book to speculate.

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