Most Valuable Newsstand Comics From Copper Age (Sept 2020)

This is the 2nd report on the most valuable newsstand comics from the Copper age. The first sales report can be found here.

Overall, the average price of these 9.8s copper age newsstand have went up. The most expensive book in the first report was New Mutants 9.8. In this second report, I am happy to report that the king has been dethroned and by quite a wide margin.

10: X-Factor #6

Date of Publication: 1986
Value: $550

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Apocalypse


X-Factor #6 debuts in this top 10 chart with an average price of $550 for a 9.8 newsstand. With Apocalypse becoming more prominent in the Dawn of X books, it seems interest in this character is on the rise.

Regular 9.8 copies of this book has been selling for $300. If we compare this to the average price of $550 for a newsstand copy, the difference is around $250, or 85%. That is a pretty good newsstand premium.

Like most 9.8 copper age newsstand, this book is not common in listings. When new copies are listed, the asking price is also much higher than the previous sale.

9: New Mutants 87 9.8

Date of Publication: 1990
Sale number: $600

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Cable


Another new entry for this report is New Mutants #87, featuring the first appearance of Cable. This hot was pretty hot when Deadpool #2 was shown and has went down in price since then. Interest seems to be picking up again as prices have moved upwards.

Direct editions 9.8 is selling for $450. In contrast to the $600 that the 9.8 newsstand is commanding, this represents a premium of 30%.

All X-Men keys like this book is a buy currently, in preparation for their MCU appearance.

8: Marvel Secret Wars #8

Date of Publication: 1984
Value: $650

Key strengths of this book
1. Origin of alien symbiote


Dropping a modest one spot is Marvel Secret Wars #8, even though it has seen a price increase. 3 months ago, this book was selling for $450 in newsstand 9.8. Now, it is commanding a price tag of $650, a 40% increase.

Direct editions of this book has also seen an increase, as they are now selling for $450, compared to $300 3 months ago.

This means Marvel Secret Wars #8 is still able to maintain a newsstand premium of almost 50%.

7: Amazing Spider-Man #316

Date of Publication: 1989
Value: $700

Key strengths of this book
1. First full cover appearance of Venom


Another new entry is Amazing Spider-Man #316. This issue features the first full cover of Venom. With all the Venom heat in the market, it is just a matter of time before collectors start to scope out this book.

Regular editions of Amazing Spider-Man #316 9.8 sells for $400. In contrast, newsstand 9.8 has been selling for $700-800. That represents a newsstand premium of 70-80%, which is pretty significant.

6: G.I. Joe #1

Date of Publication: 1982
Sale number: $900

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of G.I. Joe in comics


This is the first of 2 G.I.Joe book in the top 10. It should tell you that this franchise is hot currently and might get hotter if more movie properties are announced.

Although this book commands a high price of $900, it is not due to the newsstand premium. In fact, there is currently no price difference between direct and newsstand editions of this book.

That might a sign of the newsstand being undervalued as it is definitely more scarce.

5: Uncanny X-Men #266

Date of Publication: 1990
Sale number: $900

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Gambit


Uncanny X-Men #266 suffered the biggest drop as it retraces from #2 to #5. That is not due to the book losing value. Rather, it did not gain as much as the top #4 books in this list.

By maintaining the price of $900 for a 9.8 newsstand, X-Men #266 has managed to preserve its 80% newsstand premium.

Personally, I feel that for this book, the newsstand premium is still not as high as it could be. As Gambit heats up with his entry into the MCU, I think this book should see at least 150-200% newsstand premium.

4: Amazing Spider-Man #252

Date of Publication: 1984
Sale number: $930

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of black costume


Gaining 2 spots is Amazing Spider-Man #252. Its price in the previous report was around $650. This gain of almost $300 within 3 months is an impressive 50%.

More importantly, there is now a newsstand premium being established for this book. If you recalled, there was zero premium 3 months ago as the newsstand 9.8 was basically selling for the same price as direct editions.

Now, there is about a 20% newsstand premium as direct edition 9.8s are selling fror $750. Although this is a small premium, it is a good start.

The problem is still the number of newsstand 9.8 available for this book. If copies start to disappear, the newsstand premium will become more pronounced.

3: Amazing Spider-Man #365

Date of Publication: 1992
Value: $1,200

Key strengths of this book
1. Preview of Spider-Man #2099


This can be considered a borderline copper book as Amazing Spider-Man #365 is published on 1992. Some might consider this a modern but I have a personal cut off of 1993.

This book can been on my want list for the longest time. Well, it seems that it is on a lot of collectors’ want list as well as the price went absolutely ballistic.

For comparison, regular 9.8 of this book is only going for $300 or less. Having this book sold in $1,200 means a newsstand premium of 4X or 300%. That is an impressive newsstand preview for a copper age 9.8.

If Spider-Man 2099 proceeds with a animation movie, as teased in Edge of Spider-verse, this book should continue to see a lot of heat.

2: New Mutants #98

Date of Publication: 1991
Value: $1,300

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Deadpool

2. First appearance of Domino


The number one book in the previous report is now at #2. However, both prices and newsstand premium have went up significantly.

In the previous report, a copy of 9.8 newsstand sold for $950. Now, it is selling at $1,300, a 40% increase in prices.

More importantly, there is now a newsstand premium. Regular 9.8s is around $900. That means this book now possess a newsstand premium of 40%. In the previous report, there is zero newsstand premium.

1: G.I.Joe #21

Date of Publication: 1984
Value: $2,600

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Storm Shadow

2. Silent Issue


The number one 9.8 newsstand comic from copper age is G.I.Joe #21. This book has been on the rise lately due to the Snake Eye movie. Hence, it is not suprising to see this book being the number one book.

With a price tag of $2,600, it beats New Mutants 98 9.8 by a margin of $1,000.

Direct editions of this book in 9.8 has been selling between $1,700 to $1,900. This means the newsstand premium of this book is around 30-40%, which is pretty decent but not explosive.


Overall, the copper age newsstand premium for 9.8 is developing nicely. It is a still a very under the radar area for many collectors as most thought that copper newsstand are common.

While that is true for non 9.8 copies, 9.8 of newsstand are really hard to come by. If you have some favorite copper books, it is time to hunt down their newsstand 9.8 editions.

2 thoughts on “Most Valuable Newsstand Comics From Copper Age (Sept 2020)

  1. What about Sandman 8 Karen berger editorial. Eventually this comic will become extremely expensive. I bought a Sandman 8 recently for $15 ungraded . Presently 9.2 ? could be 9.4+ with a press and turned out to be a Karen berger. My luck was in. I have never seen a Berger in a comic shop in 15 years.

    1. Hi Ryan
      This article was about newsstand and not all possible valuable copper comics. Hence the Sandman 8 Karen Berger Editorial was not included.
      Nevertheless it is still a scarce book and one that is worthy in any collection.

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