November 2020 (1st week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

November started a with a bang as unit sales spiked up to 182 units from the lows of previous weeks. Most of it is due to a seller in Canada releasing a ton of X-Men newsstand issues which were scoped by I believed to be a single buyer. Unfortunately, all the sales were pretty low in value, resulting in the ballooning of the sales volume in the under $10 price category.

  • 68% of newsstand comics sold are sold at $10 and below prices. As explained above, the large percentage is due to one buyer scoping up all the X-Men related titles from a single seller.
  • 13% of newsstand sales are sold between $11 and $30. The above also dribbled to this price category as some of the X-Men issues went for slightly above $10. Specifically, most of the Cable and Deadpool issues fetched higher prices than the Uncanny X-Men issues.
  • 10% of newsstand sales are sold between $30 and $100. In this price category, we got a few interesting books to notes. These are: New X-Men #129 which sold for $90+, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #7 which sold for $90+ as well as Hulk Vol 2, #16 which sold for $75.
  • 8% of newsstand sales are sold above $100. There is no 4 digit sales this week with the highest amount being achieve by Clone Wars #1. Interestingly, most of the comics in this price category are past chart toppers. Only 1 new entry made it into the charts this week.

Below are the top 10 newsstand sales for the week.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $790

After 6 weeks of absence (previous entry was in 2nd week of September), Clone Wars #1 finally made it back to the charts. This sale made it the 7th time the book has appeared in the newsstand sales charts.

The previous sale for around $300 for a fine condition copy. This time, it is a CGC 9.0 grade copy and it went for $790.

The newsstand premium was this sale isn’t that high as direct editions in 9.0 is selling around $550-$600. That is a difference of around 30%.

Batman #567

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $404

The first appearance of Cassandra Cain continues to sell regularly as this is its 4th entry into the charts. The previous one was in the 3rd week of September, which had a sale of $100 for a raw NM copy.

This sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 should be the highest for this book since the charts started. It also created a high newsstand premium since regular 9.8 are only selling for $150.

One to keep an eye out for.

What if #105

Copies sold: 3
Average Sales: $200

May Parker’s first appearance is attracting quite a few sales this week with 3 copies being sold. 2 were CGC 9.4 and 9.0 while the other is a raw VG copy.

Interesting, all 3 copies were sold in the $150-$250 range, regardless of condition. This also means the newsstand premium is only a modest 20-30%.

This 3 copy sale is another proof point that pre 2000 newsstand are still ‘common’. It is also why this is the book’s 7th entry, after its 6th on the 1st week of Oct.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2, #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $154

This is another comic that made an impressive 8th entry into the charts after Batman Beyond #1. Its 7th was in the 2nd week of September.

This price was for a raw VF copy, which went for $154. This sale is about 20% below previous sales of similar condition books as seen in the 3rd week of August.

However the newsstand premium is still strong as regular raw VF are selling for $50. Percentage wise, it is about 200%.

Star Wars Legacy #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $110

Coming in at the 9th position is another familiar book. Star Wars Legacy #1, which contains a couple of first appearances of Darths, is making its 3rd entry with this sale. It previous entry was in the 1st week of October.

This sale of $102 is in line with what previous books in similar condition sold for. Specifically, they are all in the VF+ to VFNM raw condition.

Premium wise, it is able to maintain the 100% mark that previous sales have experienced.

Amazing Fantasy Vol 2, #15

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $620

After clinching the number one spot last week with a $2,500 sale, Amazing Fantasy #15 is back this week with a raw VF sale. This marks the book’s third entry into the charts and shows you how rare its newsstand is.

This sale went for $620. It is pretty impressive when you compare against the direct VFs, which are going for $130-$150.

This means the newsstand premium for this sale is around 300%, which is slightly lower than last week’s 500%.

Batman Beyond #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $315

Another regular entry is Batman Beyond #1, featuring the first appearance of Batman Beyond. This is the book’s 8th entry after making its 7th 2 week ago.

While this means the book is popular, it is also due to the fact that 1999 newsstands are more common. Maybe that is why there is little to no premium for this sale as it sells close to what the direct editions are selling for.

Justice League Vol 2, #50

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $165

This book, which contains the first 3 Jokers, is red hot. After debuting in the charts on the 1st week of Oct, it continued to make another 2 entries within the same month, with the latest being just last week.

This 4th entry is the first time that a non CGC 9.8 newsstand is being sold. The previous 3 entries were all 9.8s that had seen increased prices.

Direct editions 9.6 are selling for $40 so this sale means a newsstand premium of at least 600%!

Batman Beyond #6

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $129

Another Batman Beyond book making its way into the charts is Vol 1, #6, containing the first appearance of Inque. This is the book’s 4th entry and should serve as an alert that this book could explode if media news about Inque was to happen.

In its previous entry on the 2nd week of October, a VF copy sold for $90. For this week, a 9.2 raw copy sold for $125. Compared to the regular raws that are selling for $50, this sale indicates a newsstand premium of almost 100%.

Wolverine Origins #10

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $102

The only new entry this week comes from Wolverine Origins #10, featuring the first appearance of Daken. Before the newsstand interest, the third claw variant was fetching a pretty strong premium. However, it seems that the newsstand edition might be catching up.

This sale is for a raw 9.2 that went for $102. In similar condition, a direct edition will only fetch around $15.

In this case, the newsstand premium is pretty huge as it is at 550%.

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