September income report

Another month, another income report. I was actually not going to published September’s report and go straight into October. However, since I got some time, might as well update this.

Sorry but I am changing my reporting income once again. One of the niche site is starting to become an authority so I am decided to take it out of the ‘old niche sites’ column. This will mean revising past numbers but it will be more reflective of my niche websites income.

Below is the revised numbers after taking out one site.
(Note: I did not include income from any of my authority sites as this table is meant to show only income from niche sites.)

NS 1 (Beverage) NS 2 (Appliance) NS 3 (Bedding) Old sites Comics Total
April $0 $0 $0
May $0 $0 $2
Jun $0 $0 $0  $643  $43  $686
Jul $0 $0 $0  $684  $88  $722
Aug $0 $20 $6 $666 $360 $1,052
Sep  $0  $24  $3  $678  $534  $1,267


Passive income wise, there isn’t much to report. I am happy NS#2 is maintaining its revenue momentum but nothing else much to talk about. Fortunately, the comic selling side did well and pull up the overall numbers. I expect this number to continue to climb as many of the comics I have purchased are seeing strong price appreciation. I will hold on to them for a bit as I think there is still more upside potential, which means I probably wouldn’t sell much from now to Dec, unless I need the cash.

With the profit I am enjoying, I am seriously thinking of buying a Mega key like an X Men #1 or a Tales of Suspense #39. These things cost thousands of dollars and I would never buy one if it is coming out of my salary. However, since thee profits are extra income, I am less hesitant. Heck, some of the purchase might even appreciate!

2 thoughts on “September income report

  1. hi Aaron,

    its me john, i used to asked you about optimizing my adsense sites… i think it was back when creating long tail buying keyword website with only 5 to 10 pages.. i think it was year 2011..
    glad to see you again and your amazon earnings are doing great…

    i stop focusing on adsense, im now into amazon too..

    1. Hi John

      I am still earning adsense. I just don’t show it 🙂

      Seriously though, it doesn’t matter whether it is adsense or amazon since getting traffic and the right niche is still important.

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