What comic books to invest in: My October buys

I bought most of my comics from Ebay US so I used vpost to consolidate my purchases for 21 days before sending the whole shipment over to Singapore. This is why I only collect my comics once a month, rather than the weekly hauls that many comic guys living are US is doing.  Since I am buying comics on a regular basis, I thought it will be fun to show what comics books I am investing in since I can’t possible write an article on every single title I speculate on.  These hauls might also serve as a form of answer for people wondering about “what comics books should I invest in”?

Here is the whole haul. The top row are mostly silver and bronze age books that I think are undervalued while the bottom row in my X Factor TV show speculation picks.

what comic books to invest OCt 2014-1

Undervalued silver age and bronze age picks

what comic books to invest OCt 2014-2

I will not highlight every book but I am selecting some issues to specific why I purchase them

  • Fantastic Four #36: This is my fifth copy and I am still buying. If you want to know why, check out my article on why I think #36 is the most undervalued Inhumans key issue.
  • Strange Tales #126: Two for the price of one. This issues contains the first appearance of both Clea and Dormammu, both of which are strong candidates to be featured in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Clea especially can be a recurring strong character.
  • Aquaman #11 and #29: Read my article on comic investing tip 1 to understand why I am buying them. In short, they have a strong price momentum which I have seen many times in other silver age books before they blow up such as FF#52, #45 etc al. These are really hard to find as well and these are my second copies.
  • Detective Comics 474: This was my strong pick as a Suicide Squad key issue when the movie was unconfirmed. Now that it is, I expect strong price movement as casting is announced.


X Factor TV show speculation

what comic books to invest OCt 2014-3

There was some rumors of a TV show begin developed for the X men franchisee. X factor was a strong candidate, which I personally agree on as a better fit for TV. Hence, I went shopping and bought these super cheap X Factor key issues

  • Madrox #1 and #5: First app of the team (#1) and first “X Factor Investigations” name (#5)
  • Giant Sized Fantastic Four 4: First app of Madrox, the key figure for the series
  • X Factor #1: Everyone loves collecting #1 right?
  • Uncanny Xmen #316: First appearance of M
  • House of M #4, Variant: First appearance of Layla Miller, another key figure for the series



what comic books to invest OCt 2014-4

The rest is just either for personal collection or comes as a set with other comics that I bought.  The teen titans #88 is a Adam Hughes cover, which I have covered previously.

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