Income report for Nov 2014 to Feb 2015

This is going to be a long update since I haven’t done so in nearly 4 months! The thing is this: the comic part of this site makes me some nice affiliate income while the income report do nothing so you can’t blame me for focusing on the $$$ 🙂

Summary for 2014

Before going into the numbers, I like to reflect on 2014 in terms of making money online. The best thing was getting my butt back into working mode again. For 2012 and 2013, the amount of effort I put into making site was laughable as I focused on buying websites rather than building my own. Fortunately, I sort of ‘woke’ up in 2014 and made a comeback by starting 7-8 new sites, of which 2 of them can be seen in the previous income table, labeled as NS1 and NS2.  The rule of making money online is simple: work. As others said, it is a numbers game. The more you put into it, the more you will get back.

Going into 2015, I will continue to build on the 2014 created websites as well as dusting off websites created prior to that. In fact, the more aged the website is, the easier I find to generate traffic to it using just content and minimal back links.

Income reports 2014

(Note: I did not include income from any of my authority sites as this table is meant to show only income from niche sites.)

NS 1 (Beverage) NS 2 (Appliance) NS 3 (Bedding) Old sites Comics Total
April $0 $0 $0
May $0 $0 $2
Jun $0 $0 $0 $643 $43 $686
Jul $0 $0 $0 $684 $88 $722
Aug $0 $20 $6 $666 $360 $1,052
Sep $0 $24 $3 $678 $534 $1,267
Oct $0 $191 $0 $690 $99 $979
Nov  $0  $148  $1  $620  $481  $1,250
Dec  $0  $480  $1  $884  -$40  $1,325

2014 ended with a bang as Dec bought in the highest monthly income for the year, thanks to the explosion of NS 2 in earnings as well as the Christmas buying. The former was interesting as I simply swamp a better selling product in my review article and sales immediately went up with no change in traffic. Sometimes, little things like this do make a BIG difference.

The only disappointment was the comic selling aspect. I only sold $114 worth of issues in Dec as I wanted to avoid the crowd at the post office during the Christmas season, which can result in crazy long queues. For those I sold, I priced them low as I wanted to ‘clear’ stock for the new year.  Overall, I sold $6.7k worth of comics in 2014 through ebay and earned $1.5k profit, netting me a return of 23%. This isn’t too bad considering that many of the sales in 2014 are simply getting rid of the mistakes I have purchased in early 2013. 2015’s profit is already better as can be seen below.

Income reports 2015

NS 2 (Appliance) NS 4   (Appliance) NS 5 (Home) Old sites Comics Total
Jan $370 $0 $0 $481 $615 $1,466
Feb $238 $0 $0 $344 $380 $962

2015 started well with a solid January thanks to my comic profits. Specifically, the selling of Fantastic Four Inhumans key issues have bought in some nice dough. February however dipped quite significantly. The most concerning drop is the income from old sites. In particular, I noticed’s CPC has been dropping which brings a fire to my butt to get my new sites going in 2015 and make up for the lost income. I see this income dropping further as I am currently shifting some sites to adsense, which will not be reported here.

I also replaced NS 1 and NS 3 from 2014 with NS 4 and NS 5. For reasons, refer to my October income report.  In summary, NS 1 isn’t converting even though it is out of the sandbox and ranking at #2 for its buying keyword. NS #3 just isn’t able to get any decent traffic.

Here is to a great 2015 and I hope its summary will look much better than 2014.

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