Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #2

I didn’t expect to do one so soon but man, these Mewe guys just love to chat! If I don’t write some of it down now, even I will get lost.

If you need a recap on the categories of information being summarized, read this.

1. Comics Heating Up

Here are some comic books that were discussed, which are heating up.

Note: I am not including books that were already mentioned in the previous summary such as Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3, #4, etc

Venom Vol 4 #3

Arturo started the conversation about Knull being the next character to heat up pretty strongly after Miles, Gwen and Silk.

All the editions are this book are selling for higher and higher amounts. The 3rd print is going well above $200 now.

Avengers Annual #10

Copes of this book in 9.8 is creeping up higher and higher in value. One year ago, you could have this for $400 and under.

The reason this was brought up in the chats was because there was a crazy sale of over $1000. I say crazy as there are Bins for $700-800.

Spider-Man #234

This book marks the first appearance of Aaron Davis as Iron Spider. It was first brought up by Jay as one of his speculative blog.

Our community members seem to like this book. Hence, I am not sure if the current heat is self generated by us lol.

Disclaimer: I bought a 2nd print because of Jay’s post as well.

Hawkeye Vol 4, #9

Christopher brought up this book heating up as an example of GoCollect pumping more modern spec articles recently.

Our community have very little respect for GoCollect’s research quality. Some even say they are doing Pump and Dump.

Hawkman #4

Due to a recent rumor about Zatanna having her own movie, her first appearance has been selling, especially the graded copies.

This book was one of the earliest DC book I recommended but its performance has been pretty disappointing.

2. Comic book speculation

There was a few speculation themes being discussed.

2.1 Darkhold comic

First is the Darkhold. For God knows why, our chatty guys love their Darkholds. Smick has kindly summarize the important Darkhold books to have in the following:

  • Marvel Spotlight #3: 1st Darkhold mention
  • Marvel Spotlight #4: 1st appearance Darkhold (Both issues entirely encompass the getting and using of The Book)
  • Marvel Chillers 1: 1st Modred and 1st Cthon (the other)who wrote the Darkhold.
  • Marvel Chillers 2: 1st The Other cover app, 2nd other 2nd Modred (1st Black knight era sorcerer supreme basically) trained by Merlin.

Because of them, Marvel Spotlight #4 has been wiped clean from the Internet. Good luck trying to find a high grade copy.

2.2 X-Men bronze age

The next set of books should be more sane to most collectors since it is about the famous X-Men run. Since none of this are really unknown books, the chat was focused on different issues such as #129, #107 etc and discussing which ones might be still worth a second look

In the end, I humbly suggested that X-Men #138 is pretty undervalued, especially with the Alpha Flight movie rumors.

X-Men #139

Date of Publication: 1980
Sale number: 195,000

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Heather Hudson

2. First appearance of Wolverine’s brown costume

For those who have read Alpha Flight 100+ series, you will know the main character is Heather Hudson. Given the current focus on strong female characters, she has a pretty good chance of being used in MCU for the Alpha Flight movie.


2.3 Bronze age reprints

Mr “I bought every bronze age key for 50 cents” Smick drops us another Bronze age nugget. This time, it is about reprints.

Specifically, he was pointing out that unlike today’s latter printings, those in the bronze age were meant to be read and trashed, resulting in low survival rates of high grade copies.

Particular, original art covers on these Bronze Age 2nd prints will be hard to find and might become good speculative bets.

Now, if only Smick would provide a list of such covers instead of me doing all the legwork to dig them out………


You’ll NEVER find even 1,000 of any reprint (2nd print early Bronze Age or late silver age book) Over 9.2-9.4 ever.

2.4 Star Wars

Star Wars Vol 2, #4

Date of Publication: 2015
Sale number: 203,817

Key strengths of this book
1. First appearance of Sana Starros

It will not be Mewe chat if there was no speculation on at least one Star Wars book. The one mentioned this time is this issue. It has a high print run of over 200k so get the 1:100 if you can (pictured left)

Sana is the ex wife of Han (although Han denies that) and also the ex girlfriend of Doctor Aphra.


3. Tips and tricks

This summary’s tips involved non Ebay selling

3.1 Best way to sell comics outside Ebay

There are a number of reasons why comic sellers want Ebay alternatives. One reason is to avoid the Ebay fees. Another reason is simply to reach more potential buyers.

InstagramZero fees– Limited buyers
– Listing effort
Atomic Aveenue– Fast to list due to its database– No way to add photos
Comic Link– Low ball offers
– Offer process is cumbersome
– No combined shipping

3.2 Comparing data services for comics

There are a few companies offering services for comic collectors to look at past sales data. These include GPA, Gocollect and CovPrices (new kid on the block).

Most of them offer similar data sets. Their focus is on graded comic sales since these are less subjective in terms of comic book conditions. CovPrices is trying to look at raw but they need to solve some issues dealing with book conditions.

I personally do not use any of them because they do not give me insights. To have any real insights into the data they provide, the user still needs jump through excel hoops.

In the end, I find the value of the data to be less important than setting up the right model or the right comparison benchmarks. For these, Ebay data is more than enough to meet my needs.

4. Others

There was some crazy talks that have no place to go but here.

4.1 Barbie and Ken comic books

Yes, you read that right. The chat went into some crazy talk about Barbie and Ken comics. Half the time, I am not even sure if they are serious or joking.

For the sake of the reputation of my blog, I refuse to put them under the Comic book speculation section. Instead, I will just put down some of the more sensible comments here:

  • Barbie and Ken #1 9.6 sold for $1,758
  • There is apparently a Barbie moving being developed with Margot Robbie as cast
  • Some modern Barbie comic cover nonsense that I can’t make head or tail with

4.2 National Geographic and boobs?

And the last topic is one that I am completely lost on. I only understand something about free boobs on Nat Geo magazines. Or is it about saggy boobs or what? Like I said, this topic lost me completely. If you want to know the real discussion, I dare you to venture into the Mewe chat group!


To conclude this summary, I like to highlight something that was said in the chats by Ross

the ridiculousness scares most people away so they miss the actual spec stuff

This is actually the essence of why the chat is thriving. There are actually good info in there, but it is mixed in with all the other seeming random info. However, these just adds to the fun of it all.

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