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I must admit, this recent news on a New Mutants movie caught me completely off guard. I didn’t expect they will make this over X Force, which sounded more cooler and seems to be more suited for a big screen appearance. This was why I only did the X Force key issues article and none on New Mutants.

The main comic to get is of course Marvel Graphics Novel #4. If you don’t have this in your collection by now, expect to pay premium prices on Ebay.

new mutants key issues - marvel graphic novel 4

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I don’t have it and I don’t expect to get it. Instead, I am looking for other undervalued or under radar comic books that might make a better and cheaper investment.


Uncanny X Men #160: First appearance of Magik as an adult

X Men Vol 1 160

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Actually, I am not a big fan of the original New Mutant characters. My favorite has always been Magik, whose first appearance as a child is in the top bronze age book: Giant Sized X-Men #1. I mean, who doesn’t like a girl who wields a big ass sword. Unfortunately, since we can’t speculate on her first appearance as a child, the next best thing is her first appearance as an adult, which happens in Uncanny X Men #160.


New Mutants #18: First appearance of Warlock

New Mutants vol 1 issue 18

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Not to be confused with Adam Warlock, this Warlock is an alien that can morph into different shapes and sizes. Among all the new mutant characters, I actually think he can be the most interesting, at least visually. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the Groot equivalent for the New Mutants. It is a dollar bin issue so no harm buying a few copies.


New Mutants #13: First appearance of Cypher

new mutants key issues -new mutants 13

When there is a Warlock, there will be a Cypher. These two characters go hand in hand so if Warlock appears in the movie, so will this guy. Visually, he is quite blend so I am not expecting anything big from him.


New Mutants #8: First appearance of Magma

New Mutants 9 Magma first appearance

A relatively more unknown character who joined the team later. I don’t think she can be anything big but I am listing it here in case you want to pick it up for a buck.


Secret Wars II #5: First appearance of Boom Boom

Secret Wars Vol 2 5 Boom Boom first appearance

What can I say about Boom Boom. She reminds me a lot of Jubilee and we all known how Uncanny X-Men #244 is doing. I expect similar price appreciation for this issue so nothing too exciting. Hmmm, seems like there is a common trend among these books i.e. none of them screams money maker.  Unbelievably, I actually had a 9.8 of this book that I bought way back in 2005.


X Factor #1 and #17

X Factor vol 1 issue 1

X Factor vol 1 issue 17


To round what the list, X Factor #1 and #17 are the first appearances of Rusty and Rictor. The first is a rather forgettable character while the second might be used for the X factor TV show instead of the movie here.  I am not getting any of these although this shouldn’t stop you if you are interested.



At the end of the year, I find New Mutants hard to speculate because: (1) they are not interesting characters except for Warlock and (2) the number of copies available is going to be very large compared to the older comics. So, these might make you a few bucks but nothing as profitable as the FF Inhumans or Captain Marvel #17, second print.

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