August 2020 (2nd week) Comic Book Sales Charts and Figures

This week saw one of the highest sales amount being achieved by post 1998 newsstand copies in a single week. Not only were there 149 sales, there were 5 copies that sold over $1000!

  • 55% of newsstand comics sold are sold at $10 and below prices. This is a relatively higher number than what we have commonly seen. Probably due to this larger number of sales, there are more different titles that are being sold including Batman Gotham Knight, Scooby-Doo, Star Wars Legacy, and various Avengers one off or mini-series.
  • 23% of newsstand sales are sold between $11 and $30. In this category, we see more commonly known titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Justice League etc. Interestingly, a bunch of Shadowland titles were bought this week as well.
  • 10% of newsstand sales are sold between $30 and $100. Amazing Spider-Man and Justice League dominated the sales in the price category. In particular, Justice League Vol 2, #40 (first appearance of Grail) and Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2, #36 (black cover) sold multiple copies. Another rising star, Batman Beyond #6, also did one sale this week: $70 for a vg copy.
  • 10% of newsstand sales are sold above $100. This week saw 16 copies being sold over $100, which is one of the highest since the start of this newsstand chart.

Below are the top 10 newsstand sales for the week.

Ultimate Fallout #4

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $3,500

The current king of modern keys made another impressive sale this week, with a CGC 9.2 copy selling for $3,500. The previous sale was in last week of July, which had a 9.0 copy sold for $1,800

In contrast, direct editions of 9.2 copies are selling for $300. So, the newsstand premium for this book is currently 10X!

Batman Beyond #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $1,200

Making a new high this week is Batman Beyond #1’s 9.6 sale of $1,200. The previous sales was for a set of $1-6 and sold for $450.

However, the newsstand premium isn’t as high. Regular 9.6 of this book is currently selling for $800, so this sale’s newsstand premium is only 40%.

Captain Marvel Vol 7, #14

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $1,000

The final 4 digit sale this week belongs to a familiar book, Captain Marvel Vol 7, #14, featuring the cameo of Kamala Khan before she gain her powers.

The previous sale for this book was in June and reached $400 for a raw NM copy. This 9.2 CGC copy sold for $1000, thus making it its highest price reached since the start of this top 10 chart.

Direct editions of 9.2 is selling for $200 so this is a 5X newsstand premium sale.

Wolverine Vol 2, #131

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $240

This is a new entry into the charts, featuring the error edition of Wolverine Vol 2, #131. The error was a racial slur that managed to make it into the book and was eventually recalled.

The direct editions of the error books was selling for $20-$30. This $240 newsstand sale marks a premium of 10X, despite having no first appearances.

Star Wars Legacy #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $150

Star Wars Legacy #1 is a new entry into the charts, with plenty of Darth first appearances in the book. However, most are currently non canon, which will affect the appeal of this book in the long run.

Regular editions of this book is selling for $30-$40. Comparing that to this sale means a newsstand premium of 400% was paid for.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2, #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $1,299

Another Miles Morales book in the top 10 and this book is ranked #2 this week, just behind Ultimate Fallout #4. A 9.6 CGC copy sold for $1,299, which mark the highest newsstand sale for this book.

The previous sales for was raw copies and ranged from $80 to a few hundred dollars.

Amazing Fantasy Vol 2, #15

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $1,200

A new entry into the charts, Amazing Fantasy Vol 2, #15 features the first appearance of Amadeous Cho, one of the must have Marvel modern character, along with KK, Riri etc.

This newsstand sale is almost 10X what the direct editions are selling for.

Daredevil Vol 2, #9

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $299

Daredevil Vol 2, #9 is becoming somewhat for a regular book in this Top charts. Since debuting in the June charts, this latest entry marks the 5th time the book has managed to be in the Top 10.

This sale was for a 9.8 copy and marks the highest sale that we have seen from this book.

Unfortunately, there was no newsstand premium being pad as regular editions are also selling for similar prices in 9.8. The buyer got a super good deal.

Vengeance #1

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $199

We finally see a new Vengeance #1 newsstand listing, after a few were sold in May. The highest sale then was $150 for a raw copy. This latest sale looks to eclipse that number by a 25% price increase.

Regular editions are also hot and are selling for $120, which means the newsstand premium is around 70% for this book. Pretty undervalued.

Infinite Crisis #5

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $139

Another new entry into the charts this week is Infinite Crisis #5, featuring the first appearance of Jaime Reyes as the new Blue Beetle. There was some rumor of a Blue Beetle movie last year but not much has been heard since then.

This sale of $139 is for a 9.6 cgc copy. Its price is higher than the direct editions which are selling for $60-70. This works out to be a 70% newsstand premium.

Besides the top 10, lets look at 2 honarable mentions.

Green Lantern Vol 5, #20

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $119

Jessica Cruz was one of the recommended Gem characters in my best modern book to invest article. Although I recommended Justice League Vol 2, #31, Cruz made her cameo appearance here (only a hand is seen).

In regular editions, this book sells for under $15. This sale of $119 means a newsstand premium of 8X!

Justice League Vol 2, #50

Copies sold: 1
Average Sales: $75

This book is seeing some heat due to the 3 Jokers story line. They are first mentioned here in Justice League Vol 2, #50.

Direct editions for this book can be had between $15-20.

Using that basis, we can see the newsstand premium being paid on this sale is around 4-5X, which is impressive for a non first appearance book.


Looking at some the impressive newsstand premium being achieved this week, I feel that some sellers are under selling their copies. The Batman Beyond #1 and Vengeance #1 are books that be able to command a higher selling price.

If you are have a newsstand copy of a hot book, do not undersell. The newsstand market has money to pay so list them for a high price and see what happens.

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  1. Justice League #50 is also the first appearance of Jessica Cruz as a Green Lantern, so definitely worth picking up

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