Comic Speculation #17: Sensational She Hulk Key Comics

This week’s Comic Sunday Speculation focuses on Sensational She Hulk Key Issues. In particular, I will be focusing on the first modern appearance of a Golden age character within the Sensational She Hulk series. If you are reading the Comic Sunday Speculation for the first time, this is a series where I pushed the speculation […]

Comic Book Speculation Chat Summary #10: Undervalued TMNT Key Comics

The chat summary makes a comeback this week as I finally read something that I would want to cover in depth. In particular, the suggestions on undervalued Teenage Mutant Ninja comics was very useful and worth recording for everyone to ponder over. Before going into the picks, do know that the TMNT major keys have […]

Marvel Unexplored Film Genres to Find Comics to Speculate (Part 2)

Continuing on the theme of unexplored film genres within the MCU, here are 2 more genres worth thinking about. You can read the first part here. Sword and Sorcery With the success of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, this genre cannot be far away from Marvel Studios’ minds. The recent news of […]

Comic Speculation #15: Rodimus prime, Ultra Magnus and Galvatron comic first appearance

Welcome to this week’s Comic Sunday Speculation where I speculate on “out there” ideas. This particular article is my first Transformer comic speculation. Transformers speculation are not easy due to continuity complexities as well as multiple publishing companies. In addition, common research resources such as key collector comics only provide information up to certain issues. […]