Undervalued Comics

This is a constantly updated listings of undervalued comics to invest in.

I differentiate undervalued comics from the usual comic book speculation on their fundamentals.

Undervalued comics are comics that have deviated from their fundamental value and represents a great investment opportunity. They are undervalued relative to their historical importance, previous price peak OR their peers.

Lets consider these 3 kinds of fundamental values in detail:

  • Undervalued when compared to their peers
  • Undervalued from its own historical high value i.e. comics that have cooled off but may rise again
  • Undervalued from importance which can be measured via a number of ways including popularity polls, how many times the character is used in comics, overstreet lists etc.

In contrast, a pure speculation comic book is one whereby it has none of the above values and relies on hype or future events.

For example, a book like Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #10, the first appearance of vampire by night is a speculative comic book.

  • The book has not have any high value before.
  • The character has make less than 20 appearances in comics.
  • It current value is on par with its peers with similar appearances.

A undervalued comic will be like Marvel Spotlight #2.

  • Its current value is lower than its peers such as Marvel Spotlight #5 and other supernatural comics
  • The character has starred in its own series and has appeared in 189 comic issues
  • It is currently enjoying an all time high price and so is not undervalued from this perspective

With the definition of undervalued comics in mind, below are some picks that I think are still relevant today.

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