Comic Book Speculation

The comic book speculation portion of this site covers comic book news and books to watch. Updated on a weekly basis, you will know what books to put on your speculation radar.

I defined comic book speculation as buying books that are based on some future events and usually have weak fundamental.

This is different from investing in undervalued comics, which has certain historical relevance, price history or comparable to other books which have risen in value.

Comic book speculation, while risky due to weaker fundamentals, can lead to abnormal profits. This is why there are so popular among comic speculators.

The way to take advantage of comic book speculation is to use a portfolio approach

  • Do not allocate more than 30% of your investment into speculation books
  • Do not go all in all one issue. Spread your money around 5-10 issues. This is similar to why venture capitalists are investing in more than 1 startup. They need to spread the risk and hope that one big win can cover the cost of every other investment. Similar logic applies for speculation comics.
  • Be very discriminating. Even if the comic books are speculative in nature, only risk your money on the books that can give the highest returns and rewards ratio.

I will be recommending some comic books to speculative on a weekly basis. Please do not buy everything. These are meant to give you ideas so that you can evaluate and decide on what is best picks to try your luck with.